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Cats from Leuven {Belgium}


Poescafé Leuven

Attention cat lovers! Next time you’re in the Belgian city of Leuven, here’s the purr-fect place for you to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry: Poescafé

In case you wouldn't know, cat cafés are delightful places where customers can enjoy lunch or coffee with furry friends surrounding them. They were conceived to give people who do not have pets the opportunity to spend time with them. According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), the proximity of pets relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. 

cat café Christmas

The world's first cat café, Cat Flower Garden, opened in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan, and is apparently still running. Taiwan is definitely a cat lover’s place to be as they even have an island dedicated to cats called Houtong

Cat cafés have been present in Belgium since 2014

The first Belgian cat café – Le Chat Touille – opened its doors in Brussels. Since then, Belgian cities such as Kortrijk, Ghent, Liège, La Louvière, Namur, Tournai, and Leuven, also host establishments where you can have a drink surrounded by cats.  

Kattencafé Leuven

The idea of opening her own cat cafe came to founder Hanna Buttiens during a beautiful walk in nature. That same (sleepless) night, she completely worked out what the ideal cat cafe should look like. She wanted the place to feel like a cozy living room – with snuggly corners, soft lighting, blankets, cat books (including Avalon and Clowders), air-purifying plants, hot drinks, home-made pastry, and, of course, cuddly little residents. 

The word got through to Helena Berben, and, as a fellow animal lover, she too was immediately won over by the idea. After a few brainstorming sessions, they decided to make their dream a reality. 

Kattencafé België

Poescafé is currently home to only four cats: Lizzie, Lucy, Anna, and Bowie. 

At this time, they are not planning to take in another cat, but they are willing to consider the possibility if a shelter cat can't find a home. 

Poescafé Leuven België

Poescafé België

Sisters Lizzie and Lucy are the most sociable of the bunch. They themselves take the initiative to come and cuddle with customers, and they love to sleep on their coats and bags. They were given to the café by a couple who could not longer take care of them. 

Leuven Poescafé

Leuven kattencafé

Bowie, too, is friendly and cuddly, and he sleeps on people's laps whenever he can. 

Bowie cat

Bowie the cat

Anna, on the other hand, is more aloof. This Ragdoll will allow customers to cuddle her, but she can't hide the fact that she doesn't like this very much. 

Anna cat

The cats need to feel at home, as they 'work hard' all day to create a relaxed atmosphere. That's why Poescafé has provided several hiding and resting places for them, both in the café as well as outside in the cat court. If a cat is unhappy at the café, the owners of Poescafé will find them a new home. 

Anna kat

Will you consider going to Poescafé next time you're in Leuven? 

poezen café

België kattencafé


Parkstraat 14 
3000 Leuven 

Visit Poescafé to have a look at the menu and to book a table. 


Text and photos by Vanessa Morgan 

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