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Cats from Petra {Lesbos}

Petra rock church

Only a five-minutes drive from the magical town of Molyvos on Lesbos island, you will encounter the beautiful coastal village of Petra

Petra (the Greek word for "stone") acquired its name because of the steep rock of 27 meters high, which emerges amidst the houses in the center of the village. 

Petra Lesbos

Petra restaurant 

Perched on top of the rock is the church of the Virgin Mary Glykofilousa

There are 114 steps to get up. Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with panoramic views of Petra, the Aegean Sea, and the nearby isles of Agios Georgios and Psira.

best things to do in Lesbos

cat Petra

The picturesque village of Petra is well-known amongst visitors of Lesbos island. 

With many streets being closed off to vehicles, the village specifically caters to those who are on foot. 

Lesbos Petra

Petra stray cats

Tucked into the alleyways are plenty of traditional souvenir shops, as well as cozy cafes and tavernas where you can taste traditional small bites, fresh fish, and the famous Ouzo of the island

Kantina Petra Lesbos
restaurant Petra Lesbos

Several streets in the center of Petra are shaded by overhanging flowers and plants, which helps greatly against the heat.

Petra Lesbos
cats of Petra

One restaurant that is not to be missed is the Women's Cooperative

Founded in 1983 by 24 women (with the help of the Council for Sexual Equality, the Prefecture of Lesbos, and the Greek Organization for Tourism), the Women's Cooperative was formed to increase the work and financial opportunities for women in the area, so they could be more independent.

Women's Cooperative Petra Lesbos 

The Women's Cooperative offers small apartments and studios to let, and they maintain a shop with Greek products and a restaurant where traditional food of the island is served.

If you can find a spot on one of the balconies of the restaurant, you'll have a great view over Petra and the Aegean sea.

best things to do in Lesbos Greece
women's cooperative lesbos

In front of the many ouzerias and tavernas, the beautiful beach of Petra, with its grey sand and clear azure blue waters, unfolds itself. 

Petra kat op strand

The bay that opens up in front of the village is protected by the two isles of Agios Georgios and Psira. When the sun sets between these two small islands, it colors the water with dozens of shades.

The beaches of Petra are amongst the most inviting of the entire island, with plenty of seaside cafés around to keep you hydrated and happy. 

Petra taverna
Petra Lesbos restaurant

The sun loungers on the beach are free for the customers of the cafés.

Petra strand

Petra is one of the most charming and versatile villages on Lesbos island, so be prepared that you will most likely want to come back once you've set foot there.

I love this cat

Petra cat

Petra adopt cats

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Petra at night

Text and photos by Vanessa Morgan

Photo 18 by Stephan Jankovic

Petra cats


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