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Cats from Westende {Belgium}

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Have you read the terrifying suspense book The Strangers Outside?

If you have, you may be familiar with the location featured in these photos.

In The Strangers Outside, two families go on vacation to a resort at the Belgian seaside village Westende. But little do they know they're being surrounded. Shortly after their arrival, they come face to face with 'the strangers outside.' When the assailants make their intentions known, things take a shockingly terrible turn, and an intense battle for survival will begin.

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The cats on these photos live near the vacation rental where the story's main characters are staying and being slaughtered.

zwerfkatten middelkerke

To quote the book: “It was a massive complex of independent structures, each connected by meandering pathways. Louise’s grandmother called the brown houses with low flat ceilings 'military bunkers.' Even the long, narrow gardens looked alike. Ugly or not, they conveyed a sense of security, warmth, and safety.”

westende katten

The house where these cats live, although it's located outside of the complex, is featured in the book as well.

At a certain point, a character named Claire manages to escape from the masked strangers and runs out of the domain and toward the only house that is showing some light. From behind the window, she sees a senior couple watching a game show on television from the comfort of their soft leather futon. She pounds the door and rings the doorbell, but despite Claire's effort to get their attention, the couple doesn't hear her. Meanwhile, the masked figures are approaching fast.

zwerfkatjes middelkerke

Westende is a lot more peaceful than in the novel, though, so the cats are safe. In fact, they seemed to be rather spoiled, so no need to worry.

westende zwerfkatten

Do you want to see these cats yourself?

They live in a street named Jagerspad in Westende. The main resort from the novel is located in the Heidestraat, just in front.

middelkerke zwerfkatten

Will you dare to read The Strangers Outside before visiting these cats?

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  3. The cats do seem to be lurking like those in your book.

  4. I would be terrified if the hoodies came off and the cats' faces were under them. I love the pussy cats who look very healthy. The book sounds excellent but I would be quite scared

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