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Cat from Dover {USA}

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One year ago, Larry was homeless, injured, frightened, and alone. A kind woman opened her heart to him, and now he's the happy "security guard" of the BluVintage store in Dover, Delaware, USA.

Larry was a neighborhood stray when Theresa found him limping through the streets of Delaware. He had a broken leg and battle scars and was always on guard. He had obviously been living a rough life.

The first times Theresa approached this handsome tabby boy, he was ready for battles. Yet she didn't give up but came back to gain his trust. Slowly, but surely – and with lots of food – his attitude began to change.

Larry realized Theresa was someone he could trust. For the first time in his life, he felt love.

One day, he snuggled up to her and started purring. From that day on, Larry and Theresa have been best friends.

security cat

At the time, Theresa was opening a retail store, BluVintage, and needed a security guard. Knowing Larry's personality, she decided to offer him the job.

Not only could Larry put his battle-fighting skills to good use, he would also be able to cuddle with Theresa all day long.

"He settled in nicely, became playful and fully affectionate,” Theresa explains. “Customers love him, and he now has a fan base."

Larry takes his job as a security guard cat very seriously.

He greets nice customers by the door and welcomes them with headbutts and kitty massages.

During the calmer hours, he gives the staff a helping paw while they work on the computer, mainly helping them to raise money for local animals.

hard-working cat

But Larry never forgets his main goal: to guard the store and its owner!

To keep thieves and nasty critters at bay, Larry believes it's important to appear as menacing as possible.

menacing cat
dangerous cat

When a questionable figure enters, yelling is often enough to scare him away.

yelling cat

Theresa gave Larry the happy life he'd always wanted. Now he's committed to guarding her store for life.

Do you want to meet Larry in purr-son? Then visit the BluVintage store at 150 South Governors Avenue, Dover, Delaware, USA.

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