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Cats from Kyoto {Japan}

fushimi inari taisha shrine

"A few days ago, I spotted lovely cats in Kyoto," says Traveling Cats reader Claudia Mannes. "Especially a mother with her 2 kittens was really cute, or 'kawaii' as the Japanese say."

"I saw them at a famous sightseeing place in Kyoto: the Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine. Connected to the temple is a route up the hill consisting of 4000 orange wooden gates in all sizes. It is called 'senbon torii' ('senbon' means 1000 and 'torii' means gates)," she added. "You can go from the shrine to the top of the small hill passing through thousands of gates. The higher and farther you go, the fewer people are on the usually crowded walk."

turkish van cats kyoto
turkish van cats japan

"At the side of this walking route, which led through a forest with a magical atmosphere, I found this cat mother and her two playful children."

kittens kawaii
kittens kawaii pics
mama cat
kittens kawaii pictures

"The kittens were running and playing wildly. They were running through the 'torri' so fast, I couldn’t catch a single good photo of them," Claudia Mannes told Traveling Cats. "But when they were tired, they cuddled up with their cat-mom very closely. That’s when I made the pics."

kawaii kittens
kawaii kittens pics
kawaii kittens japan
kittens kawaii japan
kawaii cat
cat kawaii

"At first, the cats looked like they had no home, but all the cats I saw there (and I saw more than these three) were in good shape and human-friendly, so I guess they are fed by the people running the little souvenir shops on the way up."

fushimi inari taisha kyoto
fushimi inari taisha japan

Would you go to the Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine in Kyoto, Japan, to see the cats?


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