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Cats from Venice {Italy}

ponte storto venice

Venice in Italy has plenty of places where the most beautiful cats pose against a backdrop of picturesque alleys and canals. You just have to know where to find them.

One of these wonderful spots is Ponte Storto, where you'll meet the three Maine Coon cats Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf.

“They truly own the place,” says Marianna Zampieri, who photographed these animals for Cats in Venice, a project that denotes the feline heritage of the city through pictures and stories that link individual cats to places where it is easy to find them. “They are perfect models, spoiled by passersby and never in need of cuddles. They only add to the beauty of Ponte Storto.”

ponte storto cats
cats in venice
cats in venice

Sadhna and Felix are the mom and dad.

cats in venice
sadhna gatto
sadhna cat
felix gatto

Rudolf is their baby son. He was initially called Ciumpo but was renamed afterward.

rudolf gatto

“Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf are the first cats I photographed in Venice,” says Zampieri. “I took so many photos that I thought I'd ask more information about them through Facebook, and so my project Cats in Venice started. I still go cuddle them whenever I can.”

gatti venice
gatto venice

Have you ever visited Venice and Ponte Storto? Have you met Sadhna, Felix, and Rudolf?

Check out Marianna Zampieri's previous project C-AT Work.

venice ponte storto
maine coon italy
maine coon venice
maine coons venice

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  1. They look well taken care of which is nice to see

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    Princess Leah xxx

  4. People talked about all the cats in Venice. I have not seen a single one when I went there. Were they hiding from me and my camera, perhaps?

    Thanks for this Venice edition.

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  8. I have always wanted to visit Venice and seeing these wonderful photographs of cats there makes me want to go even more. ~Alasandra

  9. Oh gosh, these are some very lucky cats to live in Venice!

  10. Hello, they are all beautiful cats. A wonderful collection kitty photos. They are living in a beautiful city too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  11. Lovely cats and they look so happy and well cared for too


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  13. Beautiful cats - and surely all cats own the place ;) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

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  15. Really incredible photography! I love Maine Coon Cats. Thank you for joining us on the Pet Parade.

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