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Cats from Phuket {Thailand}

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During a visit of Phuket in Thailand, you will doubtlessly see many cats and dogs on the roads, in store fronts, and near the temples. While a large number of these pets have owners, plenty of others are left to fend for themselves.

These communal cats got abandoned once they've outgrown their cute kitten stage or are the result of allowing cats to breed unchecked. Despite their hardships, the majority of communal cats and dogs are very friendly.

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Many tourists want to help the communal cats by feeding them. However, doing so in the proximity of hotels and restaurants can have unfavorable consequences for these animals because they are seen as a nuisance and are believed to negatively impact customer satisfaction.

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phuket cats

Yet there are many more ways in which you can help.

If you come across a sick or injured pet in Phuket, you can call Soi Dog Foundation for assistance (081/788.4222), as they'll be happy to bring them to a vet and nurse them back to health.

You're also welcome to visit their facility in Phuket. During the guided tours that take place four times a day, a guide will show you around the cat and dog hospitals, introduce you to the more than 700 (!) animals that are being rehabilitated, and tell you about the history of the Soi Dog Foundation and how they are fighting the dog meat trade in Asia. You can find out more about them and their guided tours here.

Cat photos by Catherine Lawrence

Have you ever visited Phuket, Thailand? How did you help the communal cats and dogs?

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  1. That's wonderful the foundation helps. With so many animals at hospitals, they are obviously making a difference.

  2. 700 animals? That's crazy. I've never been to Thailand or seen the abundance of free roaming pets, but perhaps one day I will.

  3. wabves two everee one frum de land oh trout; we think itz total lee awesum that sick petz are cared for N looked afturr like thiz ~~~~ tho we R sorree two lurn bout de communal catz :( ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. I get emails from the Soi Foundation. It breaks my heart at all of the homeless cats. I wish and hope we can educate ourselves to spay and neuter them.

  5. Hello, what cute kitties. Adorable photos. It is nice to read that some are helped by the foundation. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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  7. I hope these cats all get help! A great foundation!

  8. I wish every cat and every dog in the world had a family!

  9. Such cute captures. I too look out for them during my travels.
    Happy WW!

  10. Awwww.... how sweet. Living on the streets is tough for both man and beast; I'm glad these sorts of foundations exist.
    Thanks for linking up at

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  12. get emails from the Soi Foundation. It breaks my heart at all of the homeless cats. I wish and hope we can educate ourselves to spay and neuter them.

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