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Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

ikebukuro temple tokyo

"If you walk along the line of the train from Yamanote to Ikebukuro, following the construction fences, you'll arrive at the small temple of Ikebukuro. It is the mark of a dozen cats. Both passers-by and regulars come here during their lunch break to feed or brush them."

Text and photos: Neko Land

ikebukuro temple tokyo japan
ikebukuro temple
ikebukuro tokyo temple
tokyo temple
temple cats tokyo
tokyo japan ikebukuro

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  1. That's nice that these street cats get taken care of by all who go there,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Oh, they are adorable!
    Such beautiful kitties!
    Hugs and kisses, sweetheart!

  3. Such cute kitties. I hope they always get food and care.

  4. I feel so sorry for the one with the damaged eye. I hope he and his friends always find a friend.
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. They all look pretty healthy. Beautiful kitties, and lovely pictures!

  6. I love the cats .
    I have five cats - one is a stray/feral male tom. I haven't the heart to take him to the pound. PS we live on a large farm property so he is not a neighbour.

  7. Very cool! My husband was in Japan and told me about the cat population. I love how much a part of the culture they are.

  8. So happy these street cats are well looked after with food and some attention.....

    Pam and Sam

  9. I love all things Japanese and that includes the cats there. Some Japanese breeds are absolutely beautiful. My favourite cat fact about Japan is that most homes are too small for a cat, which is why they have cat cafes and you can go and play with a cat there. That's why I'm also not so fond of the idea of them outside of Japan. There's not too much need for them in some places.

  10. There sure is a lot of cats. We're glad to hear the humans take care of them.

  11. It seems Tokyo is swarming with beautiful cats. Won't you please come share your photos at I'd love to have you join us each week!

  12. AWWWWWW puss!!! I love a good cat pic.

    Lennae xxx

  13. Gorgeous cats! So happy they are being taken care of!

  14. The kitties look relaxed and well fed.

  15. Je suis allée voir le livre d'où sont extraites les photos de ce billet... et je suis bien tentée par ce livre !

    Bonne journée du premier mai.

  16. Je n'ose pas demander l'accès à votre film, car je suppose qu'il doit être en anglais ... dommage pour moi ...
    Bonne journée !

  17. Moi aussi, je suis bien tentée de lire le livre après avoir vue ces photos et lu ce billet. Bon dimanche, Vanessa.

  18. Cats ARE So Cute. around the World all Cats are so cute . Thank gods for taking care of these by Someone. Hats off.Check Out My Online Store for Cat Lovers.

  19. Wow, they look like healthy, happy cats. A bit spoilt too :)