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Cats from Los Quemados {La Palma}

multi-colored cat with beautiful green eyes

Rumor has it multi-colored cats bring good fortune. 😸

Calico cats (as multi-colored felines are often called) are considered "lucky" because they are such rare creatures. 

In order to be considered a "true" Calico, the cat's coat must display the colors white, black, and orange.

multi-colored cat stunning

Calicos are almost always female cats because the black and orange color information is linked to the X chromosome. 

Because female cats have two X chromosomes, they can display both the black and orange colors at once (white fur is coded by another gene). 

Male cats, on the other hand, typically have only one X chromosome, so they tend to be either orange OR black.

multi-colored cat cute nose

In some old religions, these three colors stand for the "cycle of life." 

White stands for (re)birth, red for life, and black for death.

apartamentos villa colon los quemados la palma

In earlier times, Japanese sailors traveled with multi-colored cats to protect their ships from evil and to guarantee a safe trip. 

They are still the official symbol of good fortune in Japan.

multi-colored cats bring luck
multi-colored cats happiness
multi-colored kittens cute

You certainly know the Maneki Neko, the waving-cat talisman, frequently seen in Japanese shops and restaurants

The Maneki Neko is almost always a Calico.

multi-colored calico cat

Pay attention to the position of the Maneki Neko's paw. 

A raised right paw bestows good luck and wealth. A raised left paw supposedly brings in more customers. 

The higher the paw is raised, the luckier the owner of the Maneki Neko will get.

multi-colored cat eyes
multi-colored cat beautiful

"The multi-colored cats on these photos definitely brought luck and happiness during our stay in the Apartamentos Villa Colon in the small village of Los Quemados, which is part of Fuencaliente, in the south of the island of La Palma," says Traveling Cats reader Claudia Mannes.

cats la palma

"These magical felines visited me every day," Mannes recalls. 

"The loveliest of them all was the red-black-white one, who, most of the time, brought her little kitten daughter with her (the tiny grey-red-white one)." 

cats los quemados la palma
multi-colored cat sleeping
white and grey cat sleeping

The apartments are a perfect hideaway. 

Situated at the end of a steep road, Villa Colon consists of only a handful of apartments, surrounded by a garden overlooking the sea. It is very quiet and peaceful. 

cat on balcony

Photos by Claudia Mannes 

apartamentos villa colon

In other news, my short film script Next to Her will be filmed on August 8th and 9th. My cat Avalon has a HUGE part in it. The film will premiere in October at the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent. 

If you can't wait for the film (and if you want to know how Avalon's part plays out), you can read the script here. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, it's free.

short film about a cat

lucky cats calico


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