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Cat from Saragossa {Spain}

Torrero Cemetery cat

Traveling cat spotted at the old Torrero Cemetery in Saragossa, Spain. The cemetery is known for its stunning graves with stone statues made by famous sculptors.
Source: Deformutilation


  1. Stylishly spooky! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. A beautiful can and what looks like a most interesting cemetery.

  3. Purrrrfect for Halloween! Me-Ommmmm

  4. Must be a quiet place. Pawkiss :)

  5. I just don't like seeing kitties in cemeteries :(

  6. We don't think that's a great spot to lounge.

  7. Hello Avalon Cats! It is so cute seeing these cats lounging around pumpkins and cemeteries. Very fitting for Halloween.

    Thank you so much for posting your photos, but I see no one else from the blogfest has come by. Would you mind changing your Post Title to include HAUNTING blogfest. I was nearly going to leave, thinking you hadn't posted yet, and others are probably doing the same. Also it is a great idea to post a comment on the WEP site to say you've posted.

    Thank you so much for participating! This site is a cat-lover's delight!