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Cats from Sitges {Spain}

Sant Bartomeu church Sitges

Sitges is a small, picture-perfect resort town located a mere 35 kilometers south of Barcelona in Spain. 

It's easily one of the most charming seaside escapes thanks to its whitewashed Mediterranean houses, its magnificent St. Bartomeu church, its maze of cobblestone alleyways, and its breezy seaside promenade lined with palm trees and al fresco restaurants.

Japanese film director Takashi Miike fell in love with this coastal town while visiting the internationally renowned Sitges Film Festival and decided to film his movie JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (2017) in Sitges.

But the most iconic sight of Sitges is... its cats. 🐈

Sitges braakwater

cats on breakwater
breakwater cats

There used to be a time - not even too long ago - when Sitges was teeming with cats. 

They were everywhere: at the cemetery, in restaurants, near the port... Even cinemas had their own felines.

Club náutic de Sitges

But the amount of stray cats has dwindled over the years.

This a good thing because some of them were in really bad shape.

gats de Sitges

Sitges Spain

Nowadays, the cats are protected.

Several organizations and volunteers feed the strays daily (If you look well, you will see food bowls and cat houses sprinkled throughout the town.).

Some cats are being taken from the streets and given a chance at life, while others are being sterilized through a Trap-Neuter-Return system to prevent the stray cat population from growing even more.

Church of St. Bartomeu Sitges

A good place to spend time with the cats is on and near the breakwater next to the Club Náutica.

Some of the cats will gladly cuddle, while others will run away and hide underneath the stones of the breakwater.

Club náutic Sitges

In any case, it's a must-see Sitges location - even without the cats. 

Situated in front of the landmark Church of St. Bartomeu and the Siren of Sitges, the area is a hub of activity, with vendors selling jewelry and handbags, as well as being a gateway into the old town and the waterfront boulevard.

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  1. All so beautiful and what a view they have. I'd be feeding and loving on them.

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  2. Beautiful cats. Bless them for protecting them.

  3. Good info! Now I know what to expect when I visit.
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  4. Very reminiscent of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where "Save los Gatos" saved feral cats from mass euthanasia by trap and release after sterilizing them. It kept the population under control, which helps keep vermin under control, and people leave food and water for them.
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. Hello :=)
    It is good news that cats are being cared for. Your photos are lovely.

  6. I love this, so many cats and so great that they protect the cats