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Cats from Eftalou {Lesbos}


Eftalou Taverna

There's a special little restaurant I need to tell you about...

If you want peace and quiet, as well as good authentic Greek food with lots of fresh herbs, you should come and eat at I Eftalou Tavern, tucked away in one of the less visited corners of Lesbos.

The food is some of the best on the island: feta saganaki, gigantes, tatziki, dolmades, fried zucchinni flowers... 😋

But you have to be willing to share all these delicious Greek specialties with the many, many feline residents of the I Eftalou Tavern. 🐈

Eftalou cats

best restaurants in Eftalou

Eftalou restaurant

Cats abound on the island of Lesbos.

They are everywhere you look, and Eftalou is no different.

Yet the cats are more numerous at the I Eftalou Tavern than elsewhere on Lesbos.

cats Eftalou

best restaurants Lesbos

This is mainly because there are very few restaurants and hotels in Eftalou.

best restaurant Eftalou

I Eftalou Tavern

Lesbos Eftalou

Since the cats are almost all strays, they know that the I Eftalou Tavern (as well as the yoga hall behind) is a sure spot to get food and shelter. 

Eftalou Taverna

Eftalou Taverna

Eftalou Taverna

Contrary to most other restaurants on Lesbos, I Eftalou Tavern even provides basic medical care to unwell cats.

Lesbos cat care

Eftalou Taverna

When the owners of the I Eftalou Tavern noticed that the white and ginger kitty had a problem with his eye, they immediately took him to the veterinary clinic for treatment. (You can read here how other restaurants treat the local stray cat population.) 

cat eye problems

cat with eye problems

Eftalou cats

taverna Lesbos

I Eftalou Tavern

Its al fresco dining area is a spacious flowery place overlooking the sea, with lots of tables in the shade if case you want to eat there around midday.

Eftalou restaurant

I Eftalou Tavern

I Eftalou Taverna

In the evening, the I Eftalou Tavern is perfect to watch the sunset over the sea. 

black vampire cat

Eftalou Lesbos Tavern

The tavern is located next to the main road which goes from Molyvos to the Eftalou hot springs. 

When the asphalt road ends, you can continue towards the cute fishing village of Skala Sykaminia (which you can read about here).

Eftalou Lesbos

Eftalou restaurant

The tavern is easily accessible by bus, and there is plenty of parking for your car, bike, or scooter.

Eftalou Tavern Lesbos

Have you ever visited Eftalou and/or the island of Lesbos? Did you eat at I Eftalou Tavern?

I Eftalou

I Eftalou Tavern

Text and photos by Vanessa Morgan

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  1. I have never been there but I would go in a heartbeat. I'm glad they take care of the pussy cats who look somewhat tame. I would want to cuddle the Lon Chaney cat. His teeth and look must make people wary but I bet he is a sweetie.

  2. Hello,
    The restaurant sounds lovely. It looks like the cats love the place too.
    Cute kitties and a great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  3. They look so beautiful with all the sunshine and shadows!

  4. How beautiful the cats are. I love the information you provided.
    Visiting today from #PoCoLo 22