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Cats from Limassol {Cyprus}


Limassol Cyprus cats

Cyprus cats

Cyprus is famous for its plentiful four-legged resident cats. With more cats than humans in Cyprus, the feline population is out of control, with estimates putting the number of stray cats on the island at 1.5 million, while the number of people is only 1.2 million. 

The city of Limassol, too, is full of stray cats. 

"If you have not walked the streets of Limassol yet, then you should. You will see a lot of homeless cats there. They live and sleep anywhere, attracting the gaze of many people who pass by," says photographer Yuko. "Cats in Limassol are something special. They are everywhere, and they are all different. Each has its own life and its corner in this world."

Cyprus Cats cat rescue

Limassol cats

Why are there so many cats in Cyprus? 

 The rise of cats in Cyprus dates back to AD 328, when Roman Empress Saint Helena, also known as Helena of Constantinople, shipped hundreds of cats from Egypt to Cyprus to chase snakes from the St. Nicholas of the Cats monastery. 

A contradictory legend claims Cleopatra, Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, brought the cats to exterminate snakes. 

However, the earliest known archaeological evidence of a house cat on the Mediterranean island goes back to 7,500 BC, with a human and a cat buried in the same grave.

Cats in Cyprus

Cats in Limassol

Cats in Limassol Cyprus

Unfortunately, the majority of Cypriots attach little value to their cats. They are usually not regarded as pets and are considered vermin (much like rats). For shopkeepers and hotel managers, their presence is a nuisance. As such, many people in Cyprus refuse to take care of stray cats. Several animals are malnourished and wounded.

Malcolm Cat Protection Society Cyprus

Malcolm Cat Protection Society

stray cats Cyprus

Luckily, things are slowly shifting...

In recent years, the state had set aside 75,000 euros annually for cat sterilizations, but that funding has been dramatically sliced due to the economic crisis.

Following the government sterilization program, countless cat feeding stations are being established all over the island of Cyprus, and many towns now have one or more volunteers who feed and look after the local strays, oftentimes with their own resources.

stray cats Limassol

Cyprus cats for sale

cats of Limassol Cyprus

Malcolm Cat Protection Society

Malcolm Cat Protection Society near Limassol – named after its founder Malcolm C. P. Stevenson – is probably the most mediatized of the cat rescue organizations in Cyprus, and it has become the island's main tourist attraction.

The sanctuary is free to visit, and you can easily spend an hour and a half in the company of the approximately 200 cats, most of which are affectionate and well-behaved.

It is a safe shelter for the cats, with an outdoor area to play in, and they are taken care of twice daily by volunteers who also give them love and attention.

Limassol cats for sale

stray cats Limassol Cyprus

The famous St. Nicholas of the Cats monastery is nearby and can be visited in combination with Malcolm Cat Protection Society.

Cyprus kittens

Limassol Cyprus kittens

The Tala Monastery Cat Park

In the small village of Tala in Paphos, you can also visit The Tala Monastery Cat Park, which cares for nearly 1,000 stray cats. 

cat adoption Limassol Cyprus

cat adoption Cyprus

cat adoption Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus Cats

Cyprus Cats is another important cat sanctuary.

Their mission is to make the homeless cat population of Cyprus healthier and happier by providing fresh food and water and bringing seriously ill or injured cats to a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. 

Cyprus Cats also fosters cats and kittens who need time off the streets to grow or recover, and they spay and neuter ferals to prevent the homeless cat population from multiplying even more. They seek suitable homes for those cats ready for a life off the streets.

cat adoption Limassol

Cyprus cat sanctuary

cats for adoption Limassol

Yet, with so many stray cats in Limassol (and Cyprus in general), the valuable work of these organizations is not enough. Everyone must take responsibility for helping control the cat population while keeping the cats' well-being a top priority.

cat sanctuary Cyprus

Limassol cat sanctuary

cat sanctuary Limassol

How to help the stray cats of Limassol and Cyprus?

You, too, can help the stray cats of Cyprus.

The obvious option is to donate a small amount to one or more cat sanctuaries in Cyprus. A donation of only $25 can save a cat's life as it can help provide medical treatment and food. Some organizations (such as The Tala Monastery Cat Park) offer sponsorship programs for specific cats.

You can also order cat food for the shelter cats straight from the Cyprus Cats website.

Malcolm Cat Protection Society also offers to purchase cat calendars and homemade Christmas cards that feature the cats of the sanctuary. Revenue from these calendars and Christmas cards will go directly to the cats – a welcoming extra since Malcolm Cat Protection Society's volunteers find abandoned cats and kittens dumped outside the fence nearly daily.

Malcolm's Cats Cyprus

kittens for adoption Limassol Cyprus

Malcolm Cat Protection Society and The Tala Monastery Cat Park also have charity shops. 

The Malcolm Cat Protection Society shop used to be located in Limassol but has now moved to the nearby town of Episkopi. The Tala Monastery Cat Park shop is in Paphos.

Cyprus cats photos

cats of Limassol

cats for adoption Limassol Cyprus

How to adopt a cat in Cyprus?

Have you ever thought of giving a stray cat from Cyprus a forever home?

Cat sanctuaries like Cyprus Cats, The Tala Monastery Cat Park, and Malcolm Cat Protection Society regularly have cats needing a new home. 

You can even adopt these stray cats from your own country; the sanctuaries will organize travel and paperwork for cats leaving the country.

cats of Cyprus

cats Cyprus ears clipped

Cyprus cats ears clipped

What do you think of the cats of Limassol, Cyprus? Aren't they cute?

Would you sponsor a Cypriot cat, or maybe even adopt one?

Limassol Cyprus cats pictures

Limassol cat pictures

I hope you enjoyed Yuko's photos of cats in Limassol, Cyprus. Share them with your friends to motivate her to make even more pictures of cats.

Cyprus cat pictures

Photos by Yuko Photography 

Text by Vanessa Morgan

Cyprus cats

Cats from Anaxos {Lesbos}

Anaxos Lesbos Greece

About three kilometers west of Petra, Anaxos offers what many consider to be one of the nicest "Blue Flag" beaches on Lesbos island.

From Anaxos' long sandy coastline, you have a beautiful view of Petra and its church-on-a-rock, the isle of Glaronisi, and further on Molyvos and its castle. The crystal clear waters of the Aegaen Sea offers to the visitors an idyllic environment, ideal for quiet holidays. 

There are few traditional buildings in Anaxos. The tiny village mainly consists of a long street with many beach-side cafés and restaurants, and only a handful of hotels and rooms-to-let.

Even the cats are less present in Anaxos than on the rest of Lesbos island. But don't be surprised if one of them comes rubbing against your leg whilst you're napping on the beach or enjoying traditional Greek meze at one of the outdoor dining areas.

Anaxos cats

Anaxos Lesbos cats

Anaxos beach

Anaxos beach cats

Anaxos restaurants

Anaxos best beach Lesbos Greece

Anaxos best beach Lesbos


Anaxos taverna

Anaxos hotels

Anaxos hotels cats

Text and photos by Vanessa Morgan

Lesvos cats