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Cats from Tilburg {Netherlands}

Tilburg Langestraat

It's the purrfect day for a cat-puccino. 

So let's head to De Spinnerij today, an adorable café in Tilburg in the Netherlands where eight cats roam the premises.

Tilburg kattencafé

The idea of a "cat café" or "neko café" originated in Japan, where most landlords do not allow pets. Animal lovers pick "their cat" at the café. Each time they visit, they spend time with the same cat, forming a relationship with him or her. It is kind of like having a part-time pet. 

The concept has evolved to that of a café where the cats roam free while you sip a latte and relax. 

Over the past decade, the cat café has made a splash in the world’s biggest cities.

cats & coffee

cat café interior

Tilburg kastencafé

What sets De Spinnerij apart from other cat cafés is that their resident cats come from Greece

Greece may be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but most cats there are living short and hard lives. The locals consider the animals to be a nuisance, and they generally don't have enough money to care for them when they are sick, let alone spay and neuter them. 

That means that countless Greek kittens are born on the streets, and that most die prematurely from illness, accidents, or even poisoning. 

Animal shelters are rare in Greece, and most cat care work is done by private individuals (mostly expats living in Greece, but also Greeks who do care about the fate of these animals). One of these initiatives is P & M Cats Care Crete. This is where De Spinnerij is getting their cats. 

kat gekke bek

P & M Cats Care Crete not only feeds the stray cats of the island but also aims to prevent the growth of the cat population. The fewer kittens are born, the less suffering. TNR projects are regularly held for this. TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return. They have the feral cats sterilized, and after they have recovered, they return them to their cat colony. This not only reduces the number of stray cats, it also makes the animals less susceptible to disease and injury (because they get into fewer fights).

They also capture the stray cats when they are sick, injured, or weak to nurture them back to health. Because not all cats can be put back on the street, P & M Cats Care Crete is looking for a home for the cats abroad (since most Greeks won't adopt the cats themselves). The cats that are up for adoption can be viewed on their Facebook group. If there is a match, P & M Cats Care Crete will arrange everything: chip, passport, vaccinations, and the trip itself. They charge an expense allowance for this.

grijze kat

grijze katten

Eight cats of P & M Cats Care Crete have found their perfect forever home at the cat café De Spinnerij in Tilburg.

Let's have a closer look at Sir Taki, Snickers, Ouzo, Frenkie, Mattie, Zoë, Bibi, and Catoo.

Sirtaki cat

Sir Taki, named after the famous Greek dance, is a gentle giant. This five-year-old cat loves cuddles from everyone in the cat café, even while he is sleeping. Because he is so accessible (and cute!), he is everyone's favorite cat.

Tilburg De Spinnerij Sir Taki

Tilburg Sirtaki
Tilburg cat café

You will probably find Sir Taki napping in the vicinity of his favorite cat, Snickers. But don't be jealous. This tiny tiger drools from joy when you pet him.

tiger looking cat

kat gekke pose

Zoë is often called the prettiest of the clowder. Her favorite spot: the counter.

Tilburg De Spinnerij Zoë

crème-kleurige kat

There are two tiger kitties at De Spinnerij: brothers Frenkie and Mattie. Both were found in a box when they were only a few weeks old. But that doesn't bother them anymore; they are very happy at the cat café. Frenkie loves to play with balls, while Mattie's favorite passtime is teasing his sisters Bibi and Catoo.

grijze kat op tapijt

Bibi thinks she is the toughest of the bunch. She jumps, runs, and climbs everywhere, and she stirs things up even more whenever there is a ball or fishing rod around.

Because Bibi is such a badass, her sister Catoo dares to do a little bit more as well... but only after a little while.

charming white cat

witte katten

Ouzo is the third white cat at De Spinnerij. She came to live in Tilburg at the same time as the other cats, but it took her a little longer to get used to her new home. She'll often be hiding in one of the cat boxes near the ceiling.

witte kat

De Spinnerij also fosters a ninth cat – Tilly (named after the city of Tilburg). However, this kitty is not living at the cat café but at P & M Cats Care Crete.

That is because P & M Cats Care Crete offers a sponsorship program for those who don't have the time nor the place for a cat but still want to help. Everyone can sponsor a cat from the shelter by paying a one-off amount of 30 euros. For this, you can give the cat a name, and he/she will receive the much-needed vaccinations. After that, you pay a minimum of five euros per month until the cat finds a home. This will help with the high vet bills as well as with the purchase of food, medication, and flea and worming products.

slapende katjes raam


Sir Taki, Snickers, Ouzo, Frenkie, Mattie, Zoë, Bibi, and Catoo stay at De Spinnerij the entire day and night, so the café is really their home. They have more toys, beds, and scratching posts than they could ever wish for.

When the comings and goings of the café visitors becomes too much for the cats, they can go to the "VIP Lounge,'" which is only accessible to the cats and the staff of the café. There is even an outside patio where the animals can enjoy the sunshine and some fresh air.

vip lounge

When the owner of the café goes home at night, she puts on the surveillance camera to make sure the cats are always safe and sound.

Tilburg katten

While the cat café De Spinnerij is open the entire day, I would recommend going there for breakfast. Their coffee and breakfast/brunch options are delectable, and there are fewer people around so you will have more opportunity to play with the cats.

Tilburg ontbijt

And if you spend several days in Tilburg, which is always a good idea, then why not go to De Spinnerij several days in a row?

A trip to Tilburg is always worth it. Not just for De Spinnerij, but also for its many excellent cafés (Kandinsky), restaurants (Sushi Koi, Minos Pallas, T-huis), and cultural activities.

De Spinnerij is located in the center of Tilburg, at only a short walking distance from the train station. Reservation at the cat café is possible but not mandatory.

kattencafé de spinnerij Tilburg


Address: Langestraat 172, 5038 SH Tilburg, Netherlands 

Opening hours: 

Monday closed 
Tuesday closed 
Wednesday 10:00 am to 06:00 pm 
Thursday 10:00 am to 09:00 pm 
Friday 10:00 am to 06:00 pm 
Saturday 10:00 am to 05:30 pm 
Sunday 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

it's a purrrrr-fect day for a catpuccino

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  4. I am surprised that the feral cats can be tamed enough to allow humans to pet them. Sounds like a great idea though.
    Not all countries treat "pets" the same way as the British do, which is why so many stray dogs come into the UK for rehoming.
    I always though a cat cafe was somewhere you took your cat when you went, did not realise they had resident cats for you to pamper and enjoy.

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