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Cat from Dingle {Ireland}


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Dingle cat

Next to the entrance of the Sweet Pea gift shop in Dingle, Ireland, you'll find a mural of a chunky black-and-white cat. Chances are the model for that painting will be sitting right next to it.

The cat's name is Angel, and her mural has become one of the most "instagrammable" spots of the otherwise already picturesque little port town.

dingle sweet pea angel cat

"Angel came to my shop when she was still tiny, about ten weeks old," says shop owner Helen O'Grady. "There were four or five kittens, but Angel was the only one who came in and sat just inside the door of my shop. The kittens were all taken to the vet and re-homed but Angel stayed."

sweet pea dingle

Dingle is much loved for its rugged scenery and colorful houses, and many tourists noticed her sitting in front of the shop. They used to say to her, 'Oh, what a little angel.' That's how she got her name. 

angel sweet pea dingle

Helen has had a mural painted of Angel under the sunny window where she often sits, waiting to be petted. "She sat patiently for it too," Helen explains.

fat shop cat
cristallo jewelry

Did you notice how much fatter Angel is compared to her mural?

That's not a mistake. The customers of the Sweet Pea shop love to give her treats, so now there's a sign on the window that says not to feed the cat. 

do not feed the cat
sleeping angel

"Angel never bothered anyone or broke anything in six years, even though the Sweet Pea shop is full of pottery and glass," Helen says. "One day, a Jack Russell chased her upstairs to the gallery and back down again. Since then, she wont let a dog near the door. In fact, now the local dogs cross the street."

Dingle pottery
sweet pea shop

Angel is well loved in Dingle, and the children know her name and come looking for her during their holidays.

She has become such a well-known presence in town that the Sweet Pea shop even started selling Angel the cat mugs (you can also find them in Sweet Pea's online store if you're interested).

angel cat

Sweet Pea is located on Green Street in Dingle, Kerry Ireland, and is open every day from 11am to 5pm (Sunday and Monday only to 3pm).

Too late?

Don't worry. You can probably still spot Angel as she will most probably be sitting behind the window, just above her mural.

dingle sweet pea shop
shop window cat

Photos one and two by Sally O'Reilly. All the other photos by Sweet Pea.

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