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Cats from Porto Venere {Italy}

Porto Venere stairs

Porto Venere is a picturesque little town with a small port in Liguria in the northwest of Italy. It's part of what is often referred to as the Gulf of Poets.

The area was the favorite destination of such writers as Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, D.H. Lawrence, George Sand, Henry Miller, and Virginia Woolf.

Byron supposedly lived in a cave in Porto Venere and often swam 7.5 kilometres to visit the Shelleys near Lerici.

Porto Venere
Eric cat

fluffy cat

Just like the nearby Cinque Terre, the houses of Porto Venere are a colorful mix of pinks, yellows, and blues. It's a joy to explore the small alleyways where the locals live.

Porto Venere Venus bar

Porto Venere restaurant

cats Porto Venere

Many of the locals have cats. They treat them really well, unlike in many other towns in Italy where cats are often neglected. But in Porto Venere, no matter which alley you turn into, there's almost always a happy cat around the corner to greet you.

Porto Venere cat

Porto Venere kittens

On Via A. Colonna 13, you'll find a one-year-old white cat called Frida. She adores tourists and comes over for cuddles whenever someone approaches (her owners say she's way friendlier with tourists than with them). She only comes out at night and walks on a leash attached to a cable that runs the length of the street. Apparently, she escapes without a leash, and because she's deaf, she might get herself into trouble. Chances are you'll instantly fall in love with little Frida.

eric frida
Eric Frida

Another 'regular' is the tabby that guards an AirBnB situated on Via Vittoria 12. She's constantly outside, sleeping on the cushions next to the front door or next to the many plants that adorn the porch. Not a single tourist passes by without giving this cat a good ruffle.

AirBnB cats

Porto Venere AirBnB

AirBnB cat

cat backporto venere view from room  huiskat

Even the shops have (well-fed) cats.

porto venere shop catporto venere shop

porto venere souvenir shop

porto venere shop

The only cat of Porto Venere that seems to be less fortunate is an elderly white cat that often visits the trattoria Tre Torri, hoping to get some scraps from the visitors.

trattoria tre torri

Photos: Vanessa Morgan & Eric Valette (photos 3, 10, 11, 17)

Porto Venere cats


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