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Cats from Corricella {Procida}

procida italy

Procida is the smallest of the Flegrean Islands off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. Unlike Capri and Ischia, it is still largely untouched by tourists.

With its quaint narrow streets, its pink and yellow houses and its idyllic cliff, the port town of Corricella on Procida doesn't just look like a movie set, it was one too – some of the most famous movies that were filmed here are Il Postino (1994) and The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999).

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Besides being an island of cinema, Procida is also an island of cats. They love patrolling the neighborhood early in the mornings when the streets are still quiet. In the harbor of the fishing village Corricella, they patiently wait for the fishermen to share their morning catch.


For the rest of the day, they snooze in the shade.

  procida cats

When they're hungry again, the cats try out their luck in the seafront restaurants, attempting to snatch some fish or sea fruit from unsuspecting tourists.

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Photos by vvicca

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Cats from Pyeongtaek {South Korea}

cat cafe Pyeongtaek

Animal-themed cafés are huge in South Korea, especially in Seoul. In these popular places, you can interact with the resident animals (mostly cats, dogs, or birds) while enjoying non-alcoholic drinks. One such place is the Kitty Cat Café in Pyeongtaek.

pyeongtaek cat cafe

The place has entirely been designed with cats in mind. They have plenty of perches for them to climb on and several food and water bowls to eat and drink from.

cat cafe pyeongtaek south korea

Although most locals and tourists visit the café to interact with the cats, there are certain rules to follow to ensure the cats remain healthy, happy, and safe. You can't pick them up, for example, and you are not allowed to give them human food. Before entering, you have to sanitize your hands, take out your shoes, and put on house slippers.

south korea pyeongtaek cat cafe
pyeongtaek south korea cat cafe

You then have the choice between two seating areas – one western-styled and a traditional one where you can sit on the heated floor.

cats pyeongtaek

There's a variety of teas, coffees, and smoothies to choose from. These are slightly more expensive than in other cafés (around KRW7000 or $6.20) because the extra cost helps to pay for the cats' food, supplies, and medical assistance.

sad looking cats
sad looking kitty

The Kitty Cat Café in Pyeongtaek is open every day from noon to 10 pm.

Address: Pyeongtaek-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeongai-do, South Korea

white cat pyeongtaek

What do you think of the cats of the Pyeongtaek Kitty Cat café? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to share this post with your friends, especially cat lovers!

korea zomer
korea zomer 2019

Photos by Bart Vodderie

kitty cat cafe south korea

Cats from Bucharest {Romania}

bucharest cats
cats of bucharest

The King Michael I Park (formerly Herastrau Park) is a green oasis in the city of Bucharest in Romania. It's a popular attraction amongst both locals and tourists, who go there to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, to tour the Herastrau lake by boat, or to see the many statues of important people in the history of the EU. However, the best reason to visit the park is the large number of stray cats that roam the premises.

Photos by Bart Vodderie

herastrau park cats

Cat from Amsterdam {Netherlands}

reguliersdwarsstraat amsterdam

This little feline friend meandered the streets on a sunny day in Amsterdam this week. He loved strolling through the famous and trendy gay street Reguliersdwarsstraat and had a good look at all the different restaurants and cafés. The cat greeted the passers-by, got some pets, and then went on its way.

Photos by Stacy Bergener

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