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Cats from Agadir {Morocco}

riu tikida dunas

"The hotel I stayed at when I was on holiday in Agadir, Morocco, used to have a problem with wild cats. Many of these felines were abandoned by their owners and came to the hotel, pregnant," says Traveling Cats reader Julia E. Dahlgren. "Instead of trying to get rid of them, they decided to spay, neuter and vaccinate the cats and feed them daily."

Nowadays, the hotel grounds are full of healthy and happy cats. They are everywhere you go, even inside the restaurants, and they are not too shy to jump on people's laps.

The name of the hotel is Riu Tikida Dunas, in case you want to visit 😉

As a reviewer on TripAdvisor says, "If you like cats, this is the hotel for you. It's a cat's paradise."

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Photos by Julia E. Dahlgren

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