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Cat from Ocean City {USA}

ocean city maryland

Pip the Beach Cat was once wounded and abandoned. Now, he's a famous spokes-cat for underserved children and seniors and even has his own book.

ocean city

If you take a trip to Pip's hometown, Ocean City in Maryland, chances are you will meet this local feline celebrity.

He enjoys walking among the crowds and socializing with passers-by.

pip the beach cat

What he loves most, however, is spending time at the Ocean City beach. He can spend hours chasing seagulls, digging holes in the sand, running behind leaves, and even surfing on a boogie board. Because he spends so much time at the beach, local reporters named him 'Pip the Beach Cat'.

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ocean city beach

Pip is a real head-turner, and it didn't take long before he became a local celebrity. He is even doing official meet-and-greets now.

cat with sunglasses
cool cat with sunglasses

Once Pip was featured on the news, his human, Meadow, started to research other 'adventure cats' and found that many of them were not only traveling a lot but also wearing outfits, and 'working' as therapy cats. Soon enough, Pip followed in their footsteps.

maryland beach

While Pip isn't an official therapy cat just yet, he often visits kindergartens and homes for the elderly in order to spread smiles in the Ocean City community.

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cat drinking from glass

In May of 2019, Pip published his first book: Pip's Guide to Ocean City: Volume One. This cute little book is meant to teach children about their upcoming trip to Ocean City, or to remind them of all the fun memories they made there during a previous vacation.

The book will help raise money for three important charities in Ocean City. You can read more about these charities on Pip's website.

ocean city guide

If you like Pip and want to support his cause, then don't forget to share this post with your friends and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

cat selfie

By the way, Pip is feeling very generous today, so he's giving away a one hardback copy of his recently released book Pip's Guide to Ocean City: Volume One to one lucky reader of Traveling Cats. To enter, fill in the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on February 10, 2020. Good luck!

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Cats from Málaga {Spain}

alcazaba malaga

Feral cat communities can mainly be found in three different places in Málaga. Most of the cats reside at the Alcazaba fortress, but you can also find them at the Roman theater and at the Castle of Gibralfaro, which are all located in the proximity of each other.

alcazaba malaga camino

The Alcazaba fortress stems from the 9th century. It is built against the Gibralfaro mountain and towers high above the city, which means that the views from atop the walls and gardens are stunning. From here, you can see the port of Málaga and the peer Muelle Uno on one side, and the Montes de Málaga and the old center on the other.

cats alcazaba

Just like the Alhambra in Granada, the building features many Arabic influences from the time of the Moorish rule, such as richly-decorated arches and an irrigation system in the gardens.

alcazaba cats

The cats of Málaga are protected and well cared for. They are being spayed and neutered and receive medical treatment whenever necessary. Volunteers feed them on a daily basis.

alcazaba gatos

You can find the majority of the cats near the lowest roads leading up to the Alcazaba.

alcazaba fortress malaga

These cats are not afraid of people, but during the tourist season and on weekends, they prefer to nap in the bushes where you can't easily see them.

adopta a un gato en malaga

On quieter days, however, the cats are everywhere you look.

malaga gatos adopcion

Some of them remain shy, while others are sociable and seek out your company.


An entrance to the Alcazaba costs 3,50 euros, but you can visit the surrounding gardens and the cats without buying a ticket.

For 5,50 euros, the ticket also includes a visit to the higher located Castle of Gibralfaro where even more cats will be waiting for you.

malaga alcazaba photos

It's possible to book your tickets to the Alcazaba Castle and the Roman Theater in advance. This way, you can rest assured you won't miss out on the cats of Málaga.

malaga alcazaba

Text and photos: Vanessa Morgan

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Cats from Churriana de la Vega {Spain}

cats andalusia

Churriana de la Vega is a small town, situated 20 minutes from Granada in Spain. Only about 13,000 people live there, and it's not the type of place that tourists have a reason to visit, although it's always nice to have your morning coffee al fresco with a view on the Sierra Nevada mountains. Or maybe you'd like to visit to see some of the local cats.

gatos andalucia

You'll find the majority of the cats in the alleys surrounding the Calle San Ramón.

churriana de la vega

They can also be found at a few abandoned sites.

kittens in spain
churriana de la vega spain

And there's always a black cat lurking about the Plaza Maestro Antonio Agustín, especially near the tapas bar El Mosquetero. Maybe the cat knows that you get free tapas in this bar.

bar el mosquetero

Would you like to visit Churriana de la Vega to meet the local cats?

spanish cats

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