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Cats from Granada {Spain}

granada cats

According to the cat rescue organization Animalica, the Campo del Príncipe is the spot where you can find the largest population of community cats in Granada.

granada campo del principe

The place was built in 1497 to celebrate the wedding of Prince Juan and Margarita of Austria. Before that, it used to be an old Muslim cemetery.

granada gatos adopcion

Around the Campo del Príncipe are several bars and restaurants where you can sit outside to enjoy the view... and the cats.

gatos granada

There is also a recreational area for children.

campo del  principe

At first, it may be hard to spot the cats.

granada restaurant

But if you sit on one of the benches for a while, or if you enjoy a drink at one of the surrounding bars, it'll be impossible not to notice entire clowders of felines going about their day.

santa casta granada

They especially come out of their hiding places once the volunteers arrive with food.

granada adopcion gatos

Even though the majority of the cats hang out at the side of the restaurants and bars, they seem to know they are not allowed to ask the customers for food, and they stay at their side of the Campo.

cats of granada

You will rarely see a cat in the middle of the Campo del Príncipe, except for that rare adventurous feline that loves to venture outside of his comfort zone.

campo del principe granada

The community cats of Granada are all protected and fed on a daily basis by a number of volunteers.

cats granada

The organization Animalica catches the cats to spay and neuter them so their numbers won't increase too much.

gatos campo del principe

From here, you can easily walk up to the Alhambra where more cats will be waiting for you.

angry cats

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cats in granada


  1. Wonderful to know that there's a group that take care of these cuties.

    Emma and Buster

  2. Many of these cats appear to be ear-tipped on the left ear, some of them with the flat tip and some the notched tip, often used in Europe. Interesting to see! TNR began in Europe, after all. They look lovely in their surroundings.

  3. Hello, beautiful series on the cats. They are cuties. Thanks for linking up. Have a happy day and a great new week!

  4. OMG! These cats are so beautiful! I love them! I saw many many cats when I was travelling across Lanzarote.

  5. These cats looked well fed and cared for. I'm assuming the tipped ear is where they've been TNR'd (trapped neutered and released) we see it a lot in Dubai although our strays are no where near as friendly #pocolo

  6. The cats do appear well fed and no obvious signs of illness. Thanks for sharing.😺

  7. They are amazing! <3 <3
    I think these cats really add to the place and give it a lot more charm and beauty ^-^

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