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Cats from Granada {Spain}

restaurante la mimbre granada

The Alhambra in Granada is the most visited monument in all of Spain. It was built in the 9th century starting as a military zone and became the royal residence and court of Granada in the 13th century after the establishment of the Nasrid kingdom. It is now a Unesco World Heritage Site, consisting of several palaces (Alcazaba, Charles V, Nasrid) and a garden area (Generalife). The fortress sits on a hill overlooking the river Darro and the Sierra Nevada.

Several cats have gathered in and around the Alhambra, making sure you look at them and not at the beautiful architecture.

Haven't we always known cats are meant to live at a palace?

la mimbre granada

In order to visit the Alhambra, it's best to book your tickets in advance, otherwise, chances are you won't be able to get in. The Nasrid Palace, in particular, is hard to get into without a reservation.

However, it's always possible to go see the Alhambra from the outside, which is also where the majority of the cats reside.

restaurante la mimbre

They particularly love to hang around the restaurant La Mimbre...

alhambra cats

... and can be quite demanding of attention and food.

alhambra cat

They often come and sit on the stools next to the customers (and sometimes even on the tables), hoping to get their share of the tapas.

alhambra gatos

When their bellies are full, they retreat for a nap.

alhambra gato

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alhambra restaurant


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Our mom would love to visit there. (P.s. she read Clowders and loved it!)

  2. The cats are beautiful and all looked well fed and cared for.

  3. What a wonderful oasis for cats and their are doing a wonderful service to these cats. Thank you!

  4. Getting fresh airs (we say airs instead of air) is much better than going to the vet. Enjoy!

  5. The cats look very well cared for, not at all like strays, #pocolo