September 2019 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cats from Sainte-Preuve {France}

château de barive france
château de barive

In Sainte-Preuve, in the heart of the French Champagne region, is a four-star hotel called Château de Barive or Domaine de Barive.

Less than two hours from Paris, many tourists stay at the Château de Barive to enjoy its gorgeous interiors and spa, or to try the restaurant's renowned meat and fish dishes.

But the best part... These two cats will welcome you as you enter the domain.

Photos: The French Cat

sainte preuve france

Cats from Tangier {Morocco}

tangier morocco

When you visit Morocco, especially Moroccan Medinas (cities downtown), you notice cats in every street corner. In some cities like Chefchaouen, Tangier and Marrakech, cats are really everywhere and part of Moroccan streets and everyday life. You see them sleeping, playing, eating and sunbathing in unusual places.

white cat tangier

Moroccan cats photography has become one of my favorite kinds of photography. These cats are so special, charming and have their own character. I have pictures of cats I took years ago, and I can still remember when, where and how the picture was taken.

cats of tangier

Fixing cats is not very common in Morocco, hence their high number. Although some of them have owners, the majority are wild cats and live on the streets. That's why I always travel with cat food. If you are visiting Morocco, take with you a small bag of croquettes and you'll enjoy feeding the poor cats. They can look happy, but despite locals and associations efforts, many of them are hungry and need help.

cat in the sun tangier

Text and photos: Moroccan Zest

tangier cats

Cats from Ubud {Bali}

tegalang rice fields

Meet ‘Christina Aguilera’ and her baby kitty. Both are Balinese locals at the classic Tegalalang Rice Fields on the gorgeous island of Bali. 

tegalang rice fields cats

Baby kitty loved the snuggles, and mama Christina was busy napping (I don’t blame her. Look how peaceful the spot). 

Make sure to give them a visit on your vacation to the island. They are up high with their daddy, a local rice farmer who plays the xylophone up in the terraces.

bali tegalang rice fields

Text and photos: Tesi Jacobs

ubud bali cats