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Cats from Ventabren {France}

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Near Aix-en-Provence is a pretty village perched at the top of a hill: Ventabren. It is known for the remains of its Château of Queen Jeanne, the picturesque surrounding countryside, cobbled streets, lots of flowers, and... a couple of cats that were featured in the book The French Cat by Rachael McKenna.

romeo cat

"On my second visit to Ventabren, I came across Romeo dozing on a fence post," writes McKenna in her book. "As soon as he saw me, he hopped off, stretching, and wandered over, obviously wondering where we were off to this time. He even turned up again later that evening when I returned to see if I'd missed any cats. I wonder if he'll recognise me again when we return later in the year to photograph some of the dogs of Ventabren."

garfield lookalike

"Persian had the perfect vantage point from which to watch the goings-on in the village square in Ventabren. It was dusk when I discovered him. The locals were out and about walking their dogs or on their way to a popular restaurant around the corner. A couple, intrigued by my activities, stopped to admire Persian as I was photographing him: 'Un chat qui ressemble à Garfield,' the man said. He was right. The big ginger Persian did indeed resemble Garfield."

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  1. Beautiful cats and well taken care of. He does look like Garfield

  2. Such pretty, pretty sweeties!

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  4. Such stunning cats, and the photos and environment are pretty spectacular as well.

  5. They are both beautiful cats. Will they be jealous when she returns to do a dog book?

  6. We are just loving the photos of these stunning looking kitties. They look to be well taken care of and love the area that they get to live in. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
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