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Cats from Venice {Italy}

gatti venezia

Venice, the city of water, is also a city of cats. In the watery world of gondolas and bridges, cats and people live together comfortably. No cars disturb the peace or threaten the inhabitants.


Crossing the two-and-a-half mile bridge from Mestre on the mainland, you arrive at Piazzale Roma, west of the train station. From this point, you have only two travel choices: to go by boat or on foot.

piazzale roma

The only vehicles seen in Venice are carts silently rolling across an arched bridge or rumbling down a path between busy streets. Children on bicycles fitted with training wheels unsteadily circle the plazas, as mothers push baby carriages and watch over the bicycling children.

pretty kitty

The Venetians are tolerant of cats. In fact, the cats of Venice are cherished, fed, and watched over by people who appreciate the serenity and self-sufficiency of cats.

tabby cat with beautiful face

Once, when I was strolling down a passage, the bony remains of a fish suddenly fell from a high window right down next to a cat. This act of serendipity did not surprise me--it was in keeping with the mystery of the city.

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  1. No cars to run them over - that's nice.

  2. I wish we would have seen some of the cats when we were in Venice. I am so glad they are watched over. I bet they are close to the market

  3. What a wonderful post, I did not know that about Venice 😸

  4. Beautiful kitties, and so glad to see these photos of Venice.
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  5. Fish dropping from the sky--what a wonderful place!

  6. Wow, so jealous. Did not get to see a single kitty when I visited.

    Emma and Buster

  7. Next destination is definitely Venice. I love cats, as does my travel partner, my sister Catherine. Tell the cats that we look forward to meeting with them please.

  8. I always enjoy the travel with cat photos that you share. Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

  9. Beautiful photos. I adored Venice when I visited, but sadly never really saw any cats. Glad to see that the Venetians have lots of feline friends. #PoCoLo

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    Amazing Pictures. I love Venice. But Venice from a cat perspective I didn`t see before...

  11. Beautiful cats. I love how they can take over a chair so easily. We let them too.

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    Have a fabulous Awww Monday. ♥

  12. What beautiful cats, their behavior is a lot like the Italian peeps!

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