April 2019 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cat from Valletta {Malta}

malta cats

Positioned at the bow of a fishing boat in the Maltese port of Valletta, this cat has nothing to fear from a foreign invasion. Just like Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom, Malta has banned the entry of pets on its territory to prevent animal diseases such as rabies. As such, this kitty can bask in the sun with reckless abandon.

Text and photo: Chats autour du monde

malta cats

Cats from Venice {Italy}

gatti venezia

Venice, the city of water, is also a city of cats. In the watery world of gondolas and bridges, cats and people live together comfortably. No cars disturb the peace or threaten the inhabitants.


Crossing the two-and-a-half mile bridge from Mestre on the mainland, you arrive at Piazzale Roma, west of the train station. From this point, you have only two travel choices: to go by boat or on foot.

piazzale roma

The only vehicles seen in Venice are carts silently rolling across an arched bridge or rumbling down a path between busy streets. Children on bicycles fitted with training wheels unsteadily circle the plazas, as mothers push baby carriages and watch over the bicycling children.

pretty kitty

The Venetians are tolerant of cats. In fact, the cats of Venice are cherished, fed, and watched over by people who appreciate the serenity and self-sufficiency of cats.

tabby cat with beautiful face

Once, when I was strolling down a passage, the bony remains of a fish suddenly fell from a high window right down next to a cat. This act of serendipity did not surprise me--it was in keeping with the mystery of the city.

venice restaurant

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Cat from Leiden {Netherlands}

leiden netherlands

Just like Amsterdam, Leiden in the Netherlands features a large number of small canals. It's mainly known as a university city and is one of Europe's most prominent scientific research centers. This gives Leiden a bustling and international feel.

Many famous people live or have lived there, including Carice van Houten (Melisandre in Game of Thrones), Albert Einstein, and Rembrandt. However, Leiden's most discussed inhabitant is... a cat.

leiden boat tour

Jacco aka Buurtpoes Bledder was the adopted pet of one of the residents of a student house in Leiden. As soon as he was allowed outside, he started roaming the neighborhood around the Nieuwe Rijn, looking for company. He particularly loved the caf├ęs, shops, bars and offices in the historic central district. Many of the managers and customers started posting his adventures on Facebook, and that's how he became a local celebrity


Photos: Marjolein Goes

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