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Cats from London {England}

lady dinah's cat emporium london

Welcome to the UK's first cat café: Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

«Lady Dinah's owes its genesis to a bad day at work,» founder Lauren Pears explains in the book London Pubcats. Lauren was a senior project manager working in computer games who, after a miserable day at the office, had her mood lightened on the way home by the affections of a stray cat. «It made me realize that everything seems better when there's a cat. I wrote my business plan the next day.»

The idea was to create a place where people who didn't have a cat of their own would be able to come and enjoy some feline company.

lady dnah wookie
lady dinahs cat café

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised almost £110,000, the café opened its doors in March 2014.

high tea london

Even though there are many pubs in London where you can enjoy the company of one or two cats (The Charlotte Despard and the Old Eagle's pub, to name a few), Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium has become the place to be for cat lovers visiting the capital.

wendy london cat café
lady dinah opening hours

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium has become so popular that you usually can't get in without a reservation, not even on a weekday afternoon outside of the holiday season.

cats london cat café
cats paws

A reservation costs £10 (to be paid in advance). For that price, you get one non-alcoholic drink and 90 minutes in the company of the cats.

You can also opt for High Tea. For £25, you receive 90 minutes with the resident felines, two drinks per person, and a high tea tier to share (which will be more than you'll be able to eat).

lady dinah high tea

The basement floor of the café is decorated like the magical forest of Alice in Wonderland. This is also where the name of the café comes from since Dinah is Alice's kitten.

lady dinah cat café images
london cat café
cat emporium london

The top floor has a more neutral setting.

cat café london

The wellbeing of the cats is of utmost importance in Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. There are more rules to follow than in most other cat cafés (wash your hands before entering, don't pick up the cats, don't wake them up, etc), but that is a good thing.

london cat emporium
england cat café
donnie cat emporium

Guests are more than welcome to play with the cats, and there are plenty of toys to assist with that.

cat playing with toys
lady dinah donnie
lady dinah's cats

All the residents are rescued/adopted instead of bought. If the staff notices that one of the cats is not enjoying café life anymore, they will rehome it.

high tea london best

The café also helps spread awareness about the benefits of spaying and neutering, especially for female cats who are at reduced risk of uterine disease later in life if they are spayed.

lady dinah afternoon tea

Address: 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, London, England

More info here.

cat café rules

P.S. Some other interesting cat cafés: Tokyo / Ghent / Brussels / Amsterdam / Seoul / Nice / Seattle

lady dinah cat emporium book

Cat from Valldemossa {Mallorca}

turkish van cat

When Frédéric Chopin and George Sand lived on Mallorca between 1838 and 1839, they stayed in Cell no. 4 in the Carthusian Monastery of Valldemossa. These days, this monastic cell is known as the Chopin Museum. Here, you can admire the composer's Pleyel piano, sent to him from Paris, on which he finished some of his most famous compositions (like various Preludes, one Polonaise, his second Ballade, and the Third Scherzo).

When visiting the museum, you'll likely meet an Avalon-lookalike, either inside or in front of the museum. This Turkish Van cat doesn't officially belong to the monastery (the staff doesn't even know his name or where he comes from), but he has chosen Cell no. 4 as his favorite Valldemossa hangout.

valldemossa chopin museum
celda de frédéric chopin y george sand

An entrance ticket to the Chopin Museum costs four euros. This only covers a visit to the officially recognized Chopin Cell, where the Pleyel piano is displayed but doesn't include the entrance to all other museums in the monastery.

Address: Plaça Cartoixa 4, Celd 4, Valldemossa, Mallorca

chopin museum mallorca

chopin cats