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Cats from Valldemossa {Mallorca}

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Valldemossa is one of the most charming inland villages on the Balearic island of Mallorca. Perched in the Tramuntana mountains, it sports some breathtaking viewpoints on the surrounding hills filled with olive, oak, and almond trees.

The center is ideal to cozy up in a restaurant with a drink, or to stop by some souvenir shops, museums, and art galleries. However, you may want to venture farther away, into the 'uneventful' winding alleys. Not only will you see many pretty, ancient blonde-stone houses here, but also lots and lots of cats.

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valldemossa cats
valldemossa cat
valldemossa mallorca

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  1. I love any cat anywhere!!! So cute!

  2. These cats live in a beautiful place and they look well taken care of. The last picture? I can see myself on that balcony sipping a drink and looking out at how blessed I am to love in a place like that

  3. Lots of cats and plants. Very beautiful.

  4. Love that handsome dusty grey


  5. There should be a tour to see street cats!

    Emma and Buster

  6. I all ways loved cats. My favorite is the one with cat looking over its shoulder. Can´t figure out what it´s meowing thou. Give me food? Thanks for sharing!

  7. They look pretty content and well fed. I love the black cat walking down the cobblestone road and the ginger hanging out. The first and last photos are truly suitable for framing.

  8. Mallorca looks absolutely beautiful. It seems so exotic. Love the cat pictures too. I would be tempted to take that handsome gray kitty home with me!

  9. These cats are so adorable!


  10. Sounds the puurrrrfect place - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  11. Some beautiful images. What a lovely place #PoCoLo