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Cat from London {England}

charlotte despard

The Charlotte Despard in Archway is one of the coziest pubs in London. Lots of candles, warm lighting, comfortable furniture, local beers, and...a cat named Legz.

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Legz arrived at Charlotte Despard nearly six years ago. Chris Sparks, one of the pub's owners, saw a video of Legz when was recovering from an injury after being hit by a car, and it was love at first sight. He went to the shelter to meet him, and the rest is history.

cbarlotte despard archway

Legz is a three-legged cat, but you will hardly notice he's missing a limb. He's extremely agile, races from one corner of the pub to the other, and constantly jumps on and off the counter and the tables. Only once in a while, you will see him limping a little, but only if you pay close attention.

london pub interior

He's very sociable but doesn't seem to like it when the initiative comes from customers he's not familiar with.

But don't worry...Legz will be with you in no time, looking for attention and headbutts.

archway london

Sometimes, the pub owners will present Legz with three glasses of beer, and the one he chooses is discounted for the night.

archway charlotte despard

Legz has been featured in the book Pubcats of London, in a Japanese cat book, as well as in several local newspapers. He was also named UK Cat of the Year in the National Cat Awards 2014

Thanks to his notoriety, many customers now show up at the Charlotte Despard to meet him and bring him treats and toys.

He has inspired many pubgoers to adopt a rescue cat of their own.

london pubs with cats

Do you want to meet Legz?

The Charlotte Despard is open from Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 1 am and on Sunday between 5 pm and 12 am.

Address: Archway Road 17-19, London, England (near Archway tube station)

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By the way, the pub is situated close to Highgate Cemetery, which is teeming with cats.

legz charlotte despard