November 2018 - Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats

Cats from Cairo {Egypt}

maadi cairo

Wanderlust and a sense of professional adventure took Lorraine Chittock to Cairo in 1991 to work as a magazine photographer. Her fascination with the camel trade culminated in the coffee-table book, Shadows in the Sand: Following the Forty Days Road, an account of her arduous trek along an ancient caravan route from Sudan into Egypt.

Cairo Cats looks at another creature which is as intrinsic a part of Egyptian culture as the camel. During her seven years in Cairo, she explored the nooks and crannies where the feline denizens of the city hide in order to obtain her intimate portraits of these wary inhabitants.

ataba cairo

Shop cat in Ataba.

bab al louk cairo

Near Sharia 'Abu 'Alam, Bab al-Louk.

nile river zamalek