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Cats from Sóller {Mallorca}

carrer de santa apollonia

There are two types of cats that live in Port de Sóller on the Balearic island of Mallorca.

The first type is feral and lives near the restaurants where they get enough food from tourists to go about their day. These cats are often very timid.

The second type consists of house cats that couldn't care less about the proximity of tourists.

The cats in the pictures below were napping in the Carrer de Santa Apollonia, a small and picturesque alley right behind the Port de Sóller.

soller cats
carrer de santa apollonia soller
black cat napping
black cat paw
cats port de soller
soller carrer de santa apollonia

P.S. If you can't find these cats, they are probably hanging out on the terrace of the restaurant So Caprichos.

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