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Cats from Chiang Mai {Thailand}

chiang mai cats

This is a guest post by Emily Parker from

When it comes to cats in Thailand, you can never be sure just where a local might stand on the issue.

Some absolutely adore them. They live in temples, the gym I went to, the coworking space I worked at, and cafes galore.

In many cases, they’re loved and accepted, though most will still live outside the majority of the time.

cats chiang mai

However, there’s another side to the story here. For some reason, a large group of the population thinks that cats are “dirty”, and will discriminate and act terribly toward them.

I met people who had lived in the city for years, and they told tales of being kicked out of houses they were renting with no warning because the owner didn’t like the fact that they had cats in the house explicitly because they thought cats were filthy.

I’ve heard tales of neighbors becoming enraged when they found out the people I met had been feeding the kittens that lived in the neighborhood.

cats kittens chiang mai

Unfortunately, overpopulation is a big issue in Thailand, too, as many people do not believe they should spay or neuter the local animals. Even if they did, many of them do not have the extra money in their budget to pay for the surgery.

cat in coworking space

However, I am happy to say that I experienced more of the good than the bad, and met so many beautiful kitties along the way.

From the beautiful cat who so casually jumped onto my chair to clean herself when I was about to start working at the coworking space, to the tiny kitten we came across down one of the back roads who just wanted to be held, my “cat radar” was always going at maximum capacity.

chiang mai kittens
chiang mai kittens cats

If you decide to take a relaxing trip to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, just watch your step when you’re walking down the alleys and inside the shops, because you’re bound to come across a furry face multiple times every day!

cats of chiang mai

Cats from San Juan {Puerto Rico}

old san juan bench

Buy a cat portrait and help the people (and cats) of Puerto Rico rebuild. All profits go to Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

"Around this time last year, I had the good fortune of finding myself in Puerto Rico for the first time," says A/J Jackson. "Just a few months later the devastating wrath of Hurricane Maria would sweep through and destroy much of the beauty I witnessed, leaving millions in a dire situation."

"After donating to various Puerto Rican hurricane relief charities I had an idea for another way I might be able to help. While going through my photos from the trip, I noticed a lot of really interesting images of Old San Juan's street cats. Something about them was captivating, like they were old souls wandering the timeless streets of the barrio. I thought, if there is one thing the Internet loves more than's cats. So I decided to start this philanthropic experiment in hopes that people's desire to help those in need and their endless love of cats might merge together to form the perfect charitable package."

puerto rico hurricane relief
puerto rico hurricane cats

Today, it is estimated that 11% of the population of Puerto Rico is still without power. Many people are without reliable access to clean water. And, for others, damage to buildings and communications infrastructure during the storm has made it difficult to find and keep work. Some estimates suggest that in the wake of Hurricane Maria the poverty rate in Puerto Rico has increased from 44% to 52%, and may reach as high as 59% this year.

humane society of puerto rico
cat at stairs

When you buy a cat portrait, you will help the people and cats of Puerto Rico rebuild. All the photos are signed and printed using the highest quality standards from Art Works Fine Art Publishing in Highland Park, CA and matte framed by hand by Mission Framing of Los Angeles. 100% of the profits go to Puerto Rico hurricane relief and will be donated to Roofs for the Caño and the Humane Society of Puerto Rico.

san juan fountain square

cats of old san juan
puerto rico hurricane