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Cats from Sóller {Mallorca}

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If you want to meet a bunch of cats when vacationing in Port de Sóller on Mallorca, it's a good idea to go and drink a sangria at the seafront bar Las Delicias or sunbathe on the Playa d'en Repic in front.

They hang out at the abandoned site next to Las Delicias, but they will often come out and venture onto the bar's patio and the Playa d'en Repic to look for food. Most of these cats are muy timido, very shy, and will run away if there's no edible incentive.

las delicias soller
gatos de mallorca

Some of these cats have seen better days. Please share your meal with them. They'll appreciate it.

cat in bad shape
unhealthy stray cat

The tabby was super sociable. At first, he couldn't care less that I took pictures of him and turned his back on me but after a few minutes, when he noticed he was the center of my attention, he came over for cuddles. When I sat down on my knees to photograph him, he jumped on my lap and settled down for a nap. He didn't move for at least twenty minutes, even when I put myself in a more comfortable position.

port de soller cats
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mallorca gatos

When I saw the tabby again a few days later, he did exactly the same. He installed himself on my lap and stayed for over an hour. If I didn't have a plane to catch, he would have stayed even longer.

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Address: Las Delicias, Paseo de la Playa 17, Port de Sóller, Mallorca.

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soller beach
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P.S. If the view of the Port de Sóller looks familiar, it's because it served as filming location for the TV-show The Night Manager.

paseo de la playa soller

Have you ever been to Port de Soller? Did you meet many cats?

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  1. That's a lot of good looking cats.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. That long-haired orange fella looks rather grumpy like his nap was disturbed or something!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Love cats...they're so fun to just watch their antics. Thanks for sharing the different faces. I'd take a sangria even if no cats. haha It's awesome that you give them some love. Thanks for sharing at Pictorial Tuesday.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  4. Oh I wish someone would adopt the tabby if he was so happy to sit on your lap. They all need love & the orange tabby looks like he/she needs some tlc since there is crap even on his/her whiskers. I would love to go there right now

  5. I wish they could all have forever homes.

  6. wavez two everee one frum de land oh trout; heerz wishing ewe all clean fresh water and plentee two eat; each N everee day ~~~~~ ♥♥

  7. You made a buddy while you were there. He'd make a great pet for someone.

  8. Those are some amazing pictures! I love the up close shots. What a beautiful cat :)

  9. That tabby looks so much like our cat - Mufasa! Ours has found a warm spot and hasn't moved from it since the weather turned nasty!

  10. They are all so pretty! Great pictures! #pocolo

  11. Great shots! I've never been to Mallorca, but there is a lot of cats in whole Spain, well there is a lot of cats in all of the Mediterranean countries :)

  12. That tabby cat is a stunner but I am not sure I would want to meet the cream one on a dark ally at night! I hope his looks do not put people off helping him. #pocolo

  13. I think they can easily get food by their looks. They are somewhat fat. look at that paws.