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Cats from Cairo {Egypt}

cairo cats

"Cairo cats are street-smart survivors with an aristocratic lineage. Approach them as you would your fluffy, fireside feline and you will immediately have a cross-cultural misunderstanding," writes Lorraine Chittock in her book Cairo Cats: Egypt's Enduring Legacy. "Notice instead their lunar eyes coolly scanning the relentless bustle around them, their long bodies slinking through souks and down alleyways as though they own the place. And in a way they do, these mystical survivors from a dynasty dating back to the very cradle of civilization."

egypt cats

Near the Egyptian Museum

egyptian museum cairo
egyptian museum

Cat near a coppersmith shop in Khan al-Khalili

khan al-khalili

Street cats in Bab al-Louk

bab al-louk

Near Sharia Bur Said

sharia bur said

A cat with a pretty coat in Dokki

egyptian cat
cat egyptian

Near the mausoleum of Sultan Qa'it Bay in the City of the Dead

mausoleum qa'it bay

Kittens near Villa #74 Road 15, Maadi

kittens egypt

Outskirts of Giza, near the pyramids

pyramids cats

Cat of the Al-Nurriya Coffeeshop in Bab al-Louk

cairo bab al-louk

Feline butcher's assistant in Imbaba

cairo imbaba

Source: Cairo Cats: Egypt's Enduring Legacy

cairo book

Cats from Bangkok {Thailand}

bangkok photo book

"During my travels of Asia, I was surprised to come across so many street cats," says writer and photographer Amy Mander.

"As exciting as it was to meet the cats, I did, unfortunately, witness ill-treatment and the real-life circumstances that these cats had to endure. Yet I also came across many people of goodwill who would feed these cats even though they had very little food themselves."

photo book bangkok
central world siam bangkok

"As I walked the streets of Thailand and Japan, I encountered these cats and witnessed the daily life they led, which inspired me to document it by photographing them," says Amy Mander.

"In turn, I compiled all the images into the book, Street Cats of Thailand and Japan, in the hope of raising awareness about street cats in Asia."

central world bangkok
booklet bangkok

You can purchase Street Cats of Thailand and Japan via Amy Mander's website. The book is small - more like a booklet - but it would make an adorable surprise gift for the cat lover in your life.

Fifty percent of the sales goes to the Asian cat center Kitty Rescuee.

street cats of thailand
cats booklet
how to help street cats in asia

Book Giveaway!

Amy Mander is giving away an autographed copy of Street Cats of Thailand and Japan to one lucky reader of Traveling Cats. The book giveaway is open worldwide, and you can enter by filling in the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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Cats from Sóller {Mallorca}

calle belgica soller

There are plenty of cats in Port de Sóller, Mallorca. One place where you'll find LOTS of them is on Carrer Belgica.

I encountered the first three cats around the swimming pool.

persian cats mallorca
mallorca persian cats

The first one was a Persian cat who ran away whenever I approached.

persian cat around swimming pool

A few minutes later, a second cat arrived – a long-haired black kitty. This one was super sociable. After a few minutes of getting to know one another, this cat decided to nestle itself on the sun lounger next to mine, only to interchange his place for a spot near my feet.

black cat on sun lounger
cat on sun lounger

There was a third cat, a white one with black spots, but he didn't dare to venture farther onto the property as the other two cats chased him away.

If you'd like to meet these gatos yourself, you can visit them at Calle Belgica 2 in Port de Sóller on Mallorca.

cat with eye problems

By the way, the entire street is teeming with cats. If you go to the restaurants Sol y Sombra or Bellame, you'll be surrounded by more cats than you can handle. Some of these kitties are in pretty bad shape, so I hope you'll share a part of your dish with them.


Now available: for pre-order: Clowders!

mallorca book

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