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Cats from Udon Thani {Thailand}

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udon thani cat

"In June of 2017, I embarked on a journey that involved traveling Asia," says writer and photographer Amy Mander. "I lived and resided in Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan, all for an accumulated time of six months."

"During this time, I learned and saw a great deal of compassion toward cats, yet sadly witnessed much animal cruelty, too."

udon thani nightlife

"Thailand was the one country where there remains a mutual understanding between human and animal. Each respect one another and live daily life together," Amy Mander writes in her book Street Cats of Thailand and Japan.

"Wild dogs dominate the pavements. Cats and kittens laze around shops. Lizards occupy the walls in hotels, homes, and hostels. Butterflies surround you when you walk the grounds of a garden. Birds pay no attention to your calls, only to look for a brief moment and then move onto the next tree."

udon thani street

"Japan was a country where humans took precedence, whilst animals were subjected to ill-treatment," Amy Mander writes.

"During my time in Japan, I witnessed bizarre animal relationships, and more education needs to be introduced, especially for Japanese pet owners and within Japan's zoo practices. The cats in Japan were all predominantly wild and tended to go around in packs. Highly protective of one another and only loyal to few, mainly the older Japanese generation who would visit where the cats frequented and place some tuna for them to eat. I am afraid this tradition led by the older generation won't continue on, and many of these cats will starve."

udon thani

Amy Mander hopes to inspire and continue to raise awareness about cats in Asia through her little book Steet Cats of Thailand and Japan. Fifty percent of the sales goes to Kitty Rescuee, a cat center in Asia.

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Amy Mander is giving away an autographed copy of her book Street Cats of Thailand and Japan to one lucky reader of Traveling Cats. This book giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

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  1. Cats do get around. It's amazing where you will see them. Interesting shots. I posted shots of feral cats along our ocean walk this week

  2. I enjoyed your cat photos!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Some friends of mine were in Thailand this year, they have been spending their holidays there. No one met any cats there! But Im pretty sure, I would meet a lot of them, because everywhere I go I meet cats! I'm drawing them like a magnet haha :D

  4. My oldest niece loves animals. I think she would really enjoy this book.

  5. Books and cats are always great companions. I love learning about the world through the eyes of a cat!

  6. Hi first time here, i love to read all of your journey and i think you should come to Malaysia too (just a Thailand neigbourhood country).The situation is just the same, the stray cat is everywhere. if you want to see more of stray cat, you just need to find a fish market. You will find a lot more stray cat, a very sick cat, an old cat, cats are infected with a lot ailment, Malaysia's culture is like, whenever you do not want to take care of the cats anymore, you will send the cats at the nearest fish market.

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