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Cat from Albufeira {Portugal}

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You must have heard of Mr. No Ears.

This earless, one-eyed cat from Albufeira, Portugal, is a Facebook phenomenon and has his own book: Saudades Mr. No Ears.

But for those of you who don't know him, here is his story.

mr no ears the truth

Introducing Mr. No Ears

Often referred to as the Lion King of Albufeira because of his love for sitting 'regally,' high up on a concrete pillar, this adorable semi-feral cat was the head of a feline colony in the Algarve region of Portugal. Viewed from a distance, he appeared to be sitting on a throne, silhouetted against a vast sea and sky backdrop. On most days, just after sundown, this was usually where you would find Mr. No Ears, with the members of his colony scattered around on the walkway and wall below him. At other times, he was scaling cliffs and running through remnants of foamy waves as salty sea breezes blew back his whiskers and fur.

No one knew on which day he was born, so his caretakers decided to celebrate his birthday on World Animal Day on October 4th.

His ears showed signs of Solar Dermatitis, common in white cats, and one of his eyes was open and purulent, with no sign of an eyeball. They almost euthanized him, but the veterinarians fetched him up, and despite all of his problems, he was a strong-minded and happy cat.

Even from an early age, he loved the attention of humans, always seeking praise and a treat.

Some hotel owners found him repulsive, ordering his caretakers to send him away so he wouldn't 'upset tourists.' But there were just as many people who loved him to pieces, and once he got his own Facebook page, the entire world was at his paws.

mr no ears abducted
what happened to mr no ears

The sad part

Unfortunately, Mr. No Ears' story didn't end well.

“On the evening of 11 September 2015, Mr. No Ears was abducted from his colony,” writes Carol Lee in her book Saudades Mr. No Ears. “Less than an hour later a request was made via a Facebook page asking for money, making false claims that he was ‘in pain’ and ‘had bone cancer.’ According to posts on Facebook, he was driven 500 kilometers north and was microchipped to claim ownership. It was alleged that in an attempt to prove cancer that he did not have, Mr. No Ears suffered cardiac arrest during a CAT scan. He sustained neurological and organ damage, including his kidneys and liver, leading to organ failure. No attempt was ever made to contact his carers who, with funds raised by his worldwide ‘friends’, took legal action to try and bring Mr. No Ears home. In pre-trial interviews, it was established that Mr. No Ears belonged to his carers, Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve. Tragically, he died in captivity before the case was heard in court.”

The taking of this much-loved semi-feral cat from his home and family and the circumstances of his death were very emotive subjects that caused shockwaves throughout the animal-loving world.

amigos dos gatos do algarve
cat with no ears pics

Where to find Mr. No Ears' colony?

Thanks to Mr. No Ears, the Peneco Colony became a household name and a ‘must see’ on cat lovers’ holiday itineraries.

You can find the cats between the sea and a walkway along the top of the cliff that overlooks Albufeira's Peneco beach. Next to the walkway is a sea-facing panoramic viewing deck with benches, where Mr. No Ears loved to hang out. Directly across from the viewing deck is a hotel with a large outdoor seating area. You will recognize Mr. No Ears' favorite seat under a palm tree because the hand-engraved 'Saudades Mr. No Ears' love-lock is attached to it.

The Peneco cats are semi-feral because they have regular contact with humans. However, they are wary, and only a few of them are tame enough to pet – like Mr. No Ears.

albufeira portugal beach

Saudades Mr. No Ears

Are you looking for the purrfect gift for your cat-loving friend? The book Saudades Mr. No Ears may be just what you were looking for.

The book is NOT about his tragic ending, but instead, focuses on the happy moments of his life. Carol Lee writes about his kittenhood, his personality, his habits, his favorite games and food, his birthday celebrations, his reputation as a 'womanizer,' and about how he influenced animal rights advocacy in Portuguese society. The book also contains a chapter with endearing 'love letters' from his friends and fans, as well as useful information about feral cats and feline health problems such as Solar Dermatitis, ear mites, and Feline Leukaemia Virus.

If you were one of the lucky people to have met Mr. No Ears in real life, this book is a must-read which will bring back happy memories. But even if you've never heard of him before today, you'll still enjoy it as a heartwarming tale. His story is written in an easy-going and straightforward style and will appeal to many cat lovers. It is available on Amazon, from his Facebook page, and in a local bookshop in Mr. No Ears' hometown, Albufeira.

Before Christmas, the book comes with a festive cover, so hurry up and order your copy now before the special edition is out of print.

All proceeds from the sale go toward the Trap-Neuter-Return costs and medical expenses of the street cats of the Algarve.

saudades mr no ears


To celebrate Christmas, Carol Lee is giving away an autographed paperback of Saudades Mr. No Ears (or the Portuguese version, Saudades Sr. Sem Orelhas) to one lucky reader of Traveling Cats. The giveaway is open worldwide. To enter, fill in the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. It's inspiring that so many good people looked out for Mr. No Ears. I would love to read his whole story!

  2. It's amazing how resilient animals are. I think part of it is that they don't appear to attach emotion to what was lost (an ear, an eye, even a leg). They don't spend time wishing for things to be different or missing what used to be. They adapt and carry on. I found this post on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

  3. I had a beloved orange cat named Louis. He was born with a cauliflower ear. He got into a fight with a neighbor's cat, Hathaway, who had one eye. Fortunately, because of the scuffle, we found out he had a tumor which we had removed from his ear. I miss both cats dearly. This post just reminds me of them and makes me miss them more! Please enter me in the contest as well. I would love to read more about Mr. No Ears!

  4. I shall not apply for this offer, because I have bought the book already and would love someone else to have a chance of winning this heart warming story about Mr No Ears.... We usually visit the Algarve about 3 times of a year and I was privileged to have met him just the once..... This was enough to feel completely in love with him and his amazing colony of white cats living in the beautiful cliffs of the Peneco beach in Albufeira...... This book is all about the plight of street cats in Portugal, the fantastic work of Lesley
    Normington who almost single handed started the TNR programme in the South of Portugal. The proceeds of this will go towards helping
    the care of those animals, giving continuity to the legacies left by her and Mr No Ears....... An inspiring story! It will make an ideal present for any cat lover, this Christmas <3

  5. I've been a fan of Mr. No Ears since his days on Facebook. I just can't say enough wonderful things about this dear kitty cat and his very sweet book! Saudades Mr. No Ears highlights the plight of street cats the world over and the caregivers who strive to provide them with comfort and care. Thank you Traveling Cats for this lovely article.

  6. We have not heard of Mr. No Ears. Thank you for featuring all these wonderful kitties all over the world.

    Emma and Buster

  7. What a shame, I had never heard of Mr. No Ears, nor did I see him when we were in Albufeira some years ago.

  8. The video brought me to tears. I have a huge soft spot for white kitties. Bless the caregivers of these precious souls.

  9. What a great story and he looks like a very fine cat to me


    Ps... the ads on the left of your blog are cutting into your blog post and cutting of the first few letters of the post

  10. I didn't know of Mr. No Ears before. As I cat lover I would love to read his story.
    tis-so at

  11. A bitter sweet story, a bit sad to read.

  12. Such an endearing story. Makes me tear up

  13. We've never heard of Mr. No Ears. Thanks for sharing his story with us...even if it doesn't have a happy ending.

  14. Bless his heart! I've never heard of Mr. No Ears.

  15. I never heard of Mr. No Ears and his story so touches my heart!

  16. I have never heard of Mr. No Ears. Thanks for sharing it with me - it brought me to tears.
    Marlene V

  17. Thank you so much Traveling Cats for such a wonderful article about Mr No Ears and his book. May I please add a link to his book page on Amazon which is (His Kindle book page is linked in the article). Of interest on this link, might be the reviews of which 92% are FIVE STAR reviews from verified readers. It is my pleasure to be able to share the life of such a very special cat, raising funds for medical treatment of the street cats of the Algarve. XX

  18. It's sad that he dies due to human greed. Thanks for the wonderful post and book. #PoCoLo

  19. I think this story would be fascinating!!

  20. Mr No Ears reminds me of my beloved white cat. What a heart warming story. But I must say I have tears in my eyes due to the way he died.

  21. How sad for Mr No Ears but his legacy lives on for ever in many cats to come. #pocolo

    PS I would love it if you wanted to link any of your car posts up to my monthly blog linky #AnimalTales - the December one is currently open on my blog - A Green and Rosie Life

  22. A sad story but his legacy lives on. I'd love to win a copy and would do a giveaway. Btw, please contact me re: your new book.

  23. I have never heard of him either! I know my youngest girl would really love to read this.

  24. I think its very interesting! He is a cute cat :)
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  25. i think it is interesting and unique

  26. I have never heard of Mr. No Ears. Thanks for sharing it. So sad.

  27. Thank You for sharing this post and for a chance to win this book, Merry Christmas.

  28. I could use some happy moments, upside we all love cats.

  29. The story made me cry of course!! I often try to help out the cats in our area that have no homes

  30. amy guillaume lindermanDecember 26, 2017 at 6:30 AM

    i love that he he influenced animal rights advocacy in Portuguese society! how precious

  31. Oooh the cutest one I've seen on your blog I think! :) although he has short fur he looks like fluffy and soft to the touch <3 I work in cat sanctuary (to be more precise I'm a volunteer) and I feel a lot of love to disabled cats. I feel pity, that they're deprived of something, but all in all, they don't treat their disability like something negative, they just live their lives and they are so thankful and joyful, that people should learn it from them!

  32. What a wonderful story. I love the resiliency of this cat.

  33. This story is so sweet and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Oh bless him, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  35. Thank You for sharing your article, This is an interesting & informative blog. It is very useful for the developer like me.


  36. Either way, there're quite a few names that will keep resurfacing on the top lists every now and then.


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