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Cats from Sóller {Mallorca}

port de soller restaurant

“Friendly seafront restaurant complete with cats!” wrote a happy customer about So Caprichos on TripAdvisor.

"Nice food, shame about the cats," wrote an unhappy one.

For us cat lovers, that means we must pay So Caprichos in Port de Sóller a visit, especially because the locals recommend the food as well.

so caprichos port de soller

The outdoor dining area was beaming with cats, all of which were super sociable.

“The cats don't belong to the restaurant, but they love hanging out here,” one of the locals told Traveling Cats.

“The two long-haired black kitties are mom and daughter. The mom's name is Irma. She's the boss here.”

puerto soller
so caprichos soller

“The noisy kitty down the stairs is the crazy one because she fights with every cat in the area.”

crazy cat
kingfisher restaurant

“Tigre is the oldest cat in the neighborhood. He's missing several teeth, but he's super adorable,” the woman said.

 Sometimes, you can also find Tigre sleeping on a chair on the terrace of the nearby restaurant Kingfisher.

tigre gato
restaurant cats
cats mallorca

"My daughter adores the Tuxedo cat and calls him 'the visitor'," a tourist tells Traveling Cats, "because each time we are in Sóller, this cat visits us."

soller puerto de soller
tuxedo cat cute

When an older man passed the restaurant, all the cats followed him up the alley. He was probably their can opener.

kingfisher soller

P.S. If you don't find the cats near So Caprichos, it means they are napping next to their homes in the Carrer de Santa Apollonia.

Address: So Caprichos, Sant Ramon de Penyafort 15, Port de Sóller, Mallorca.

By the way, did you know that two real adventure cats live next to So Caprichos? The names of these two Persian rescue cats are Gizmo and Bacardi. They love to take the plane, and they follow their human, Jeannine, on all her travels. Only bad news: they're indoor cats so you won't be able to meet them. I wish I could show you better pictures, but they didn't want to be photographed, especially Bacardi.

gizmo the cat
cat doesn't want to be photographed

Would you visit Port de Sóller and the restaurant So Caprichos to see these cats?

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  1. Oh my gosh I would absolutely visit here just for these kitties. Amazing!

  2. Love the last picture of 2/3 of a cat.

  3. These pics are great and loving the crazy cat and the one with little teeth

  4. Hello, pretty kitties and what a beautiful place. Lovely collection of photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  5. I would drive miles just to eat in a restaurant with cats.

    Emma and Buster

  6. Any restaurant that allows (and likes) cats definitely goes on my must visit list! Bravo for their kindness~

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  8. All are lovely.
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  9. I would love to visit Mallorca anyway, so if I managed it, I would certainly go visit these kitties!

  10. Such a great place with so many cats that let you pet them!

  11. Oh they are lovely! I would love to meet them all when I go to Mallorca one day! <3