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Cat from Sitges {Spain}

sitges san sebastià cemetery

Situated opposite the beach, the small but gorgeous San Sebastià Cemetery in Sitges, Spain, is known for its 19th century funerary art, created by known sculptors such as Josep Llimona, Enric Sagnier, Pere Jou, and Manel Fluxà. Unlike many other cemeteries – like the ones of Buenos AiresMontmartre, and Yanaka – the San Sebastià Cemetery, is home to only one cat.

sitges cementerio

"I just came out of the screening of Jupiter's Moon at the Sitges Film Festival and wanted to photograph the morning light in the cemetery when this cat approached me," Vanity Celis told Traveling Cats. "I was sitting on a bench, looking at the gravestones, when she turned the left corner and came walking in my direction. She was far from anxious, just curious. I lured her with little sounds, and she meowed back at me."

sitges san sebastià
catalonia cemetery

“She rolled around on the ground in the proximity of the bench before coming over for head butts. She was much softer than I expected because, from a distance, her coat looked quite rough," Vanity Celis told Traveling Cats. "I was alone at the cemetery that day, which was probably the reason why the cat felt safe enough to come looking for attention. I also visited the San Sebastià cemetery the day before, but it was much busier then."

sitges cemetery
cemetery catalonia

Cat pictures by Vanity Celis

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Cats from Paris {France}

cimetière montmartre

Hundreds of cats hang out in the huge Montmartre Cemetery where they prowl among the graves and sit on the headstones of famous former Parisians.

“These cats are always hiding and tend to be très timide (very timid), so often I had to tempt them with my feather teaser and handfuls of cat treats,” says photographer Rachael McKenna in her book The French Cat. “It's amazing how a couple of green feathers tied to a stick are irresistible to even the coyest cats. What I do is wiggle the teaser and a trickle of treats to lure her or him into position. Usually, the cat would follow me down the road to a setting I'd chosen and then, hopefully, click!”

paris famous cemetery

The cats of the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, France, are well looked after. Every day around noon, a man (Saujot, a true cat lover) arrives at the cemetery hauling thirty kilograms of cat food on a little trolley. He walks six kilometers from home and pays for the food himself out of donations from cat lovers. Meanwhile, the cats, most of them tabbies or pure blacks, are sleek and well fed. Every day they appear from their hiding places behind the tombstones to gobble up their rations. 

montmartre cimetière

Goodness knows who the gendarmes fine if the strays of Montmartre decide to scale the high wall around the cemetery and go rat hunting through the back alleys of Pigalle and the Marais during the midnight hours.

montmarte photos
montmartre photo

Source: The French Cat by Rachael McKenna

cemetery montmartre

Cats from Oia {Santorini}

oia santorini

Santorini is essentially a former volcano invaded by the sea. From the whitewashed villages, over the blue rooftops, to the stunning Aegean sea, Santorini often appears in lists of the best islands in the world to visit.

Like all the other Greek islands, this one too is the "home sweet home" of cats.

Hans Silvester, whose work has inspired many other photographers, spent more than three years traveling among the Greek islands in pursuit of images. The result is a rich and beautiful portrait of Greek cats which he captured in Cats in the Sun, a beautiful volume that is part photography book, part travel book, and all about cats.

Below are some of Hans Silvester's pictures of cats in Oia, Santorini.

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santorini cats
santorini photoshoot
santorini cat
mating cats
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oia photoshoot
oia photoshoot ideas
oia greece

Source: Cats in the Sun by Hans Silvester

santorini book

Cats from Chora {Naxos}

chora naxos

On the Greek island of Naxos cats are not allowed inside the houses - they live on the streets and roofs of sun-dappled villages, and are as much a part of the landscape as the whitewashed buildings and blue sea.

Their relationship to the villages is unique: while they are not entirely domestic, they are not wild. The villagers care for them, but the cats have made their homes in the warm sun outdoors. These spectacular photographs by Hans Silvester capture the cats playing, haunting, and prowling along the streets, steps, and rooftops of one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations on earth.

naxos town
naxos greece
naxos cats
naxos island
cats naxos
mother cat grooming kittens
white cat greece
chora greece
naxos travel blog
cat climbing on tree
naxos pictures

Source: Cats in the Sun by Hans Silvester

hans silvester