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Cat from San Salvador {El Salvador}

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Most cats are homebodies. Cezar, however, is an adventure cat. This Maine Coon from Sweden has currently more than 14 countries on his travel resumé and no intention of stopping anytime soon.

One of his latest adventures was a trip to El Salvador. “We met a fellow traveler from San Salvador when we did volunteering work on a farm on Crete, Greece, in 2016,” says Cezar's human, Carla. “She invited us to come and visit her, which we did at the beginning of 2017.”

“I rented a car for a week, so Cezar and I could explore the country, especially the national parks and the volcanoes,” Carla explains.

Cezar became quite popular in El Salvador, and everyone wanted to take a picture with him. “They were amazed because he is quite big compared to the local cats - 3,5 y.o. 100 cm long and about 7-8 kg.”

On the pictures above and below, you can see Cezar at a place called The Devil's Door (Puerta del Diablo), which is the highest point of San Salvador.

san salvador puerta del diablo
san salvador devil's door

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cezar cat

Cezar's human believes that any cat can become accustomed to adventure.

“Since we lived in an apartment in the city, he started out to be an indoor cat as a kitten, but I was used to outdoor cats, and I wanted him to feel free,” Carla explains. “So every weekend I put him in a backpack and went to my father's place in the countryside where he could run around as he pleased. Now and then, I put Cezar on a leash and walked him around the block to get a little bit of fresh air. I guess that's why he adapts so well when we travel. Usually, there aren't any problems. But maybe it was a little too hot for him in San Salvador. Maine Coons are “winter” cats. That didn’t suit him too well with 30-35 degrees (Celsius).”

Do you take your cat on adventures? Does he enjoy traveling in a backpack or on a leash?

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  1. If you can train them early on a leash, you could take a cat anywhere you'd take a dog. He's pretty. I've never seen an all white Maine Coon.

  2. Cezar is gorgeous as are these photos. I am amazed that he has traveled to 14 countries. Although we occasionally put Rosie on a leash, she's never left our yard.

  3. What a beautiful looking cat. He does get around and I am surprised that he gets through customs with such ease. Our cats are indoor but we do put them on a leash to explore our yard. The one does not like the outside at all and all hate travel

  4. safe travelz two ewe dood & N joy yur kewl iz thiz !! ♥♥

  5. What a cool cat! Ours freaks just being put into a carrier.

    Beautiful cat. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Wow, amazing cat!!! Love all his so beautiful pictures!!!

  7. Brilliant! Love that he's so well travelled. Not sure I'll be taking my cat on holiday though #TwinklyTuesday

  8. Pretty kitty... quite regal!
    Thank you for sharing at

  9. 14 countries is more than most people ever visit.

  10. Hello, Cezar is a well traveled kitty. I am a little envious of all the places he has visited. Loved the photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. Cezar is a beautiful cat and seems to be enjoying many adventures with his human ~ delightful photos ~ thanks,

    ( A ShutterBug Explores)

  12. He looks so content out and about! He's simply gorgeous.


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