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Cats from Tokyo {Japan}

cat on bike

In the middle of a new residential district in Tokyo, you'll find an abandoned house with dense vegetation coming from the garden and a rusty pickup truck sitting in front.

 A little further, in another street, there's a second home that is just as ramshackle, but this one is inhabited. Here, a dozen cats spend their days taking naps in the middle of the street.

Because of the humid climate, the iron structures rust very quickly. Many cats in this neighborhood have the perfect color for an urban camouflage.

nora neko
kamiigusa neko
neko scan
cats in abandoned house

The signpost below reads: "Are you willing to take care of them all the way? Simply feeding them causes a proliferation of cats. Spay and neuter them and take all the necessary precautions to avoid that they give birth to poor kittens whom no one will take care of."

neko kamiigusa tokyo
neko kamiigusa

Text and cat pictures: Neko Land: Une Vie de Chat Au Japon

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  1. considering how much land is needed I am surprised that this place exists in Tokyo. I love what is written because they do need to be captured and spayed and neutered. They look so sweet and that last pic-I wish i could cuddle...after taking him/her to the vet

  2. Here in Canada we had cats that lived at the parliament buildings. People would just drop them off there and people would feed them. They started to spay and neuter them and the population finally died out. It's kind of sad in a way because people came from all over the world to see the cats at the parliament buildings.

  3. awwwww....big time hugs two everee one frum all oh uz heer in de land oh trout ~~~ ♥♥

  4. Peep #1 would like to cuddle those kitties and bring 'em all home. PURRS.

  5. That last one made me sad - he looks like he could use a bit of lovin'. Hope he'll find it.
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  6. I love all those precious kitties!!

  7. I love how cute the one on the bike is.


  8. What cute kittens and how nice that TNR is promoted.

  9. Hello, these all adorable kitties and photos. The first and last images are my favorite. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Love the last two cat photos ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A Shutterbug Explores)

  11. Sweet but sad. The last little guy needs some attention. Beautiful colors on the calico.

  12. Oh dear - you're making me cat-broody! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo