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Cat from Brighton {Australia}

king beach cat

Are you going to Brighton Beach in Australia this weekend? Chances are you'll come across King the beach cat.

But don't expect to be the only one to want to pet him, because this champagne-colored tabby has become a bit of a legend around this coastal suburb of Adelaide.

You see, King needs his daily dose of "vitamin sea." He can often be seen lounging on the benches overlooking Brighton Beach and brushing along the legs of alfresco diners on Jetty Road.

king beach brighton cat

He belongs to eight-year-old Milly, who says King can sometimes go missing for days and then come back when he's really hungry. If his family wants to spend quality time with him, they have to go to the beach.

King is very friendly and can often be found playing with tourists. "Normally, if we're with him, a lot of people come and ask if they can pet our cat," his owner says.

brighton cats
brighton beach

King has a tag on his collar letting people know that he goes to the beach during the day but comes home at night. Yet people often call his number on the other side of his tag to report finding him. It's nice that people do that.

However, no one needs to worry, because King is exactly where he wants to be: on his favorite Brighton Beach. 

Source: Adelaide Now 

brighton beach cat



  1. He's a sweetheart and looks very healthy and happy

  2. King is adorable. And I love that first shot.

  3. King has found the biggest litter box at the beach. :)

  4. OMG! KING is adorable! Love the name too!
    xo, Shell

  5. What a lucky cat, that spends time at the beach during the day and has a home to go to in the evening.

  6. Hello, King is a handsome kitty. I can see he is well loved and cared for!

    I am still running a little behind visiting my critter links! Thanks so much for linking up, have a great new week ahead!

  7. Hello! The cats and the view are wonderful, I would like to go there and visit. It seems a nice place to be.

  8. Fantastic photos. King appears to have a fantastic life.

  9. What a handsome kitty and fantastic photography ~ thanks,

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  10. Sounds like King has a great life! Wish we all could be so lucky to lounge around at the beach all day!

  11. I envy King! I wish I can go missing for days at the beach and then stumble home when I want food! #TwinklyTuesday

  12. What a handsome devil! :) Thanks for sharing this beautiful boy's photos and adventures.

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    forward to your next one :-) xxx

  14. The king has attitude I would say! Indeed a king on the beach! the last pic makes me wanna bow to him :p

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