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Cats from Riga {Latvia}

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Look Into Abandoned Cats’ Eyes: Photographer From Riga Captured Homeless Cats Around The City

Riga-based photographer Andris Andrejuks created an interesting photo project, showing the lives of street cats in Riga, Latvia. Each photo invites you to look into the eyes of fluffy friends in need of human assistance.

Photographer Andris Andrejuks says photo shooting is not his day job, but it is his passion since childhood. During his free time, he photographs nature, animals, and events. One of the most striking adventures became this photo project of the street cats of Riga.

photo project riga
photo project
photo shoot riga
cats photo shoot

"This particular photo shoot focuses on abandoned pets. After the summer season, cat and dog owners leave their pets behind, not thinking about their fate and the upcoming winter. For the majority of abandoned pets, it turns out to be their last month of life," says photographer Andris Andrejuks as he describes the photo shoot.

photo project cats
cats photo project
photo shoot cats
cats latvia
cats latvia
cats of latvia

With this photo shoot, Andris Andrejuks hopes people will think about their pets' fate by looking deep into their eyes.

riga latvia photo shoot
riga latvia photo project

If you’ve got time to help, the kitties will thank you! If you like our story, please SHARE it! We would very much appreciate that.

andris andrejuks
andris andrejuks photographer
photographer riga
photographer latvia
latvia photographer
riga photographer
cat latvia
latvia cat
cat eyes photo shoot
cat's eyes photography

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  1. That is so cruel. Look at those fluff balls - they aren't savvy hunters or designed to live on their own.

  2. This is very cruel and very, very ignorant of the people who leave their pets behind...I don't understand and would want to leave the people behind somewhere for them to fend for themselves and see how it feels. The eyes of that black cat got to me and I wish I could adopt him or her

  3. These are such beautiful photos and definitely made me teary eyes. My Lexy was abandoned by her first family, left outside to fend for herself. I hope this project will bring some light to this project. Definitely sharing.

  4. Such beauties, I wish I could adopt them all.

  5. guyz.....yur fotoz R awesum; ewe R awesum N we hope each oh ewe findz A FOR EVERZ home with peepul who veree sad ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. My message disappeared! OK Here we go again. I hope Karma grabs their owners by the throat and does them harm. No-one deserves to be abandoned as these cats are. I hope there is some form of help for them.

  7. I think cats are really majestic, mysterious and amazing creatures. It's sad to hear about them being abandoned or killed for food.

  8. Picture 1 and 10 are my favorite!! All of beautiful though.

  9. Poor kitties!! I wish I could take them all home!!! Big Hugs!

  10. They're beautiful kitties, and look to be in far better condition than I would have expected. God must be looking out for them.
    Thank you for sharing at

  11. Wow - these are amazing!! Stunning.

  12. Those are beautiful cats! Thanks for sharing your photos! Teresa from

  13. "For the majority of abandoned pets, it turns out to be their last month of life."

    This is SO heartbreaking - especially after seeing your beautiful photos! I don't understand how people can just abandon cats.

    Thank you for educating everyone and sharing the beauty and plight of felines everywhere!

  14. These cats look mighty to me! Something about them makes me feel that they are the king! Wonderful images! I wish I could help them! Thanks a ton for sharing these standout images!

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