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Cat from Stamford {England}

Cecil the cat from The William Cecil Hotel in Stamford

Some cats are born to be couch potatoes, others become famous for running a hotel.

Meet Cecil, the feline manager of the charming country retreat The William Cecil in Stamford, England.

Cecil's main area of expertise is managing the hotel terrace and making sure guests are having the times of their lives. Contrary to many other cats, Cecil thinks dogs are cool, too, so he made The William Cecil dog-friendly.

Would you like to be Cecil's guest and enjoy a glass of wine in his company? You can find more information about The William Cecil and book your stay here.


Cats from Riga {Latvia}

riga photo project
cat eyes

Look Into Abandoned Cats’ Eyes: Photographer From Riga Captured Homeless Cats Around The City

Riga-based photographer Andris Andrejuks created an interesting photo project, showing the lives of street cats in Riga, Latvia. Each photo invites you to look into the eyes of fluffy friends in need of human assistance.

Photographer Andris Andrejuks says photo shooting is not his day job, but it is his passion since childhood. During his free time, he photographs nature, animals, and events. One of the most striking adventures became this photo project of the street cats of Riga.

photo project riga
photo project
photo shoot riga
cats photo shoot

"This particular photo shoot focuses on abandoned pets. After the summer season, cat and dog owners leave their pets behind, not thinking about their fate and the upcoming winter. For the majority of abandoned pets, it turns out to be their last month of life," says photographer Andris Andrejuks as he describes the photo shoot.

photo project cats
cats photo project
photo shoot cats
cats latvia
cats latvia
cats of latvia

With this photo shoot, Andris Andrejuks hopes people will think about their pets' fate by looking deep into their eyes.

riga latvia photo shoot
riga latvia photo project

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andris andrejuks
andris andrejuks photographer
photographer riga
photographer latvia
latvia photographer
riga photographer
cat latvia
latvia cat
cat eyes photo shoot
cat's eyes photography

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Cats from Hong Kong {China}

hong kong shop cats book

In late 2015, photographer Marcel Heijnen was walking around his new neighborhood of Sai Ying Pun in Hong Kong. Although a long-time resident of the city, he was new to this particular area, and he noticed a cat perched the counter of a small local shop. A year later, his portrait of the cat, whose name is Dau Ding, ended up as the cover to Heijnen’s new book Hong Kong Shop Cats.

Heijnen regards the small stores where the cats lounge and doze as “beautiful photogenic subjects in their own right.” They are places where, says Heijnen, “time seems to have stood still, devoid of branding and all the other modern-day retail trickery we’ve grown accustomed to”.

The Hong Kong cats are regarded as lucky, Heijnen notes in his book, and from his photos, they clearly provide companionship. In one image, a cat sits close to his owner, mirroring him, in a room of textiles. In another, a cat looks sleepily away as his owner dozes behind him.

hong kong shop cats
hong kong food shop
cat cleaning itself
cat cleaning in progress
cat portraits
cat tail
fat cat in hong kong shop
extremely hungry cat
cat wants food
cat and human
rubbish cat
hong kong shop photos
hong kong shops book
cat hiding
hong kong top brand