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Cat from Vicenza {Italy}

cat in stationary store vicenza italy

This cat is famous in Italy!

Meet Leo, the feline manager of the Oliveti stationary shop in Vicenza.

“The story of Leo is one that I really love,” says photographer Marianna Zampieri. “The cat was free, but he decided to stay at Oliveti and love his owner from the day he appeared at the shop.”

stationary shop cat
oliveti italy
vicenza stationary shop

Leo is a gorgeous stationary shop manager and he knows how to charm the customers to a point where they come back regularly, just for him.

He greets all customers by rubbing against their legs. Those that give him scratches behind his ears are treated to extra cuddles.

scratch cat behind ears

When Leo has worked enough for the day, he hides among the collectors or curls up in his cat bed.

cat sleeps in cat bed
cat hiding pictures
cat in shop italy

Leo is one of the many working cats Marianna Zampieri photographed. Her previous photo series are Cats of the Classence Library in Ravenna, Italy and The Feline PR Manager of a Barber Shop in Vicenza, Italy.

Check out Marianna Zampieri's website for more cat pictures.

leo cat
stationary shop vicenza
stationary cat

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  1. I love that last shot! It says, "Photo shoot is over!"

  2. He is a cutie, I can see why he is famous.

  3. Leo is a handsome boy. I love that the shots are all in B&W.

  4. What a handsome boy Leo is and how lucky for shoppers to have a store with a resident cat!

  5. When I go back to Venice (which I will) I will stop by this place and visit with the cat. I'm sure he's going to make me buy a lot of stuff.

    Emma and Buster

  6. He is so very cute and I love that he chose his if cats have owners.

  7. leo....waves two ewe dood....ewe iz one handsum cat !!!!! veree nice two meet ewe....we send meowz frum a cross de pond heer in de land oh trout ~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  8. I'd definitely visit a shop that had a resident cat like Leo!

  9. Oh my! This is so cute. How do you get so many gorgeous photos of cats? #PhotoFriday

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