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Cat from Southampton {England}

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We've already featured quite a lot of store cats (such as this one and this one). They're almost always cats that live in the store day and night.

Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster the cat, however, is quite different.

His owner rescued him because he was a stray that slept on the doorsteps of homes. The kitty was grateful to finally have a warm place to sleep at night. Soon, though, his human found out that her newly acquired tuxedo cat had... a day job.

southampton pet store

Each morning, at the crack of dawn, Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster goes to the retail store B&M.

"As soon as it's light, he's out the door before I even leave for work. He's very committed to the job so he likes to make sure he's there on time - sometimes he arrives before the store manager and his team get there," Webster says.

He has the self-appointed title as the head of the pet department of B&M.

His main "task" is to show the customers his favorite products in the store... such as Whiskas crunch cat treats, poultry in jelly and fish in jelly.

whiskas poultry in jelly

Or his favorite cat litter.

natural cat litter super absorbent
stay fresh super absorbent cat litter

Of course, he tested all the cat beds on sale to make sure you'll pick the best option for your pet.

cat beds on sale
luxury lined and knitted dog jacket

Sheldon Lee greets every customer that walks in the door.

The majority of the B&M customers love him so much they buy him his favorite food every time they go in the shop. The local children always ask to go and visit him.

By the end of the day, Sheldon Lee's human has to pick him up at the store, otherwise, he wouldn't leave after finishing his shift. He'd stay there 24/7 and do security if he could.

Source: Daily Echo

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  1. cute story and very pretty cat, or I should say, handsome!!

  2. Oh want a hard working Cat!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. He's a dedicated kitty. I love the name they choose for him. Good thing he doesn't have THAT Sheldon's personality.

  4. This is so funny. What a beautiful and fun kitty. :)

  5. What a handsome boy! I bet he sells the pants off the designated salespeople :)

  6. Adorable! We bet he's a great salescat.

  7. Oh, what a moustache on this adorable semi-tuxie, like me, Loulou.

  8. Hello, what a cute story. Sheldon Lee is handsome. Adorable photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. What a hard working, dedicated kitty cat. He is amazing.

  10. What an awesome cat and a great work ethic! LOL! Thank you for Pet Parading with us.

  11. How sweet. And what dedication Sheldon Lee has/

  12. Haha! trust that cat to find the beds heheh!

    Have a travellintastic week :-)

  13. The cat's life is where it's at! Sheldon Lee has it made, if you ask me! Great shots showing Sheldon Lee on the job. :)

    "Everybody wants to be a cat because the cat's the only cat who knows where it's at..." ~from The Aristocats

  14. Totally brilliant. In these days of increasing negativity to find a genuinely lovely company who welcomes a cat like this is magic!!

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