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Cat from Paris {France}

shakespeare and company cat

The two-story bookstore Shakespeare and Company, founded in 1951 by the American George Whitman, is one of the must-see places in Paris if you love books and cats.

Author Henry Miller called this famous bookstore “a wonderland of books.” The accumulation of books is huge - mainly literary classics, but we also found cat-themed books (such as this one). The bookstore also features a sofa, an old piano, typewriters, and... a world-famous resident cat.

shakespeare and company paris

Shakespeare and Company is currently the home of Agatha, their eight cat. Agatha is a docile, female tabby, accustomed to the comings and goings of passing writers and customers.

"Agatha used to be a stray cat. She often visited the bookstore's office and eventually made it her home," the shop assistant told Traveling Cats. "When the bookstore's former cat, Kitty, passed away in 2016, Agatha took her place as Shakespeare and Company's official bookstore cat. She's now the face of many of the bookstore's leaflets and brochures."

You can often find Agatha sleeping in her cat bed tent in the piano room on the first floor. When the crowds thin out, she comes out and picks a human lap to nap on. But don't you dare reading a book at the same time, because Agatha wants the attention all to herself.

agatha shakespeare and company
agatha shakespeare and company paris
cat shakespeare and company paris
paris shakespeare and company
agatha cat paris bookstore

Practical info:

Address: 37, rue de la Bûcherie, Vᵉ arrondissement, Paris.

Open seven days a week, from 10 am to 11 pm.

You can see pictures of the stunning interior of the bookstore here.

shakespeare and company
paris shakespeare bookstore
famous bookstore in paris

Pictures by Sobi

bookshop cats book

Cats from Riga {Latvia}

street cats of riga

Secret Lives Of Street Cats In Riga

There are a lot of cats living on the streets all over the world. With hundreds of feral cats, Riga is not an exception. One of the local cat care non-profit organizations decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care, and attention.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making photos and helping street cats find real loving homes. Photographing cats has been the main key to telling the world that each of these cats has a story to tell.

Many people argue that street cats are not safe for humans. However, different Trap-Neuter-Return programs help control the feline population and health problems of street cats. 

What do you think about street cats?

street cats in riga
cat care community riga
cat care community
riga street cats
riga cats
street cats not safe
street cats
street cats care community
community street cats in riga latvia

kindle books kindleunlimited

Cat from Badia Polesine {Italy}

athena the cat

For this fourth and last installment of C-AT WORK, photographer Marianna Zampieri takes us to a magnificent Italian recording studio in Badia Polesine, covering over 300 m², separated into five rooms and an auditorium of 100m². The place is run by Mario and his charming tabby cat, Athena.

Welcome to Cat Sound Studio.

Mario took in Athena when she was only one month old. He took care of her, and they've been inseparable ever since. Athena now lives at Cat Sound Studio and loves to support Mario and his recording artists. “She's both kind and curious,” Marianna Zampieri says about Athena.

Apart from owning a recording studio, Mario and Athena also have a record label (Cat Sound Records) and a school (Cat Sound School) which organizes music classes and workshops. That means you can always go meet Athena, even when you're not recording music.

What do you think of Cat Sound Studio? Would you love to meet Athena?

cat sound studio
cat sound studio badia polesine
cat sound school
cat sound
recording studio italy
recording studio badia polesine
recording studio badia polesine italy
badia polesine cat sound recording studio
cat sound recording studio italy
cat athena
cat recording studio

cat studio

Cat from Southampton {England}

pet store southampton

We've already featured quite a lot of store cats (such as this one and this one). They're almost always cats that live in the store day and night.

Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster the cat, however, is quite different.

His owner rescued him because he was a stray that slept on the doorsteps of homes. The kitty was grateful to finally have a warm place to sleep at night. Soon, though, his human found out that her newly acquired tuxedo cat had... a day job.

southampton pet store

Each morning, at the crack of dawn, Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster goes to the retail store B&M.

"As soon as it's light, he's out the door before I even leave for work. He's very committed to the job so he likes to make sure he's there on time - sometimes he arrives before the store manager and his team get there," Webster says.

He has the self-appointed title as the head of the pet department of B&M.

His main "task" is to show the customers his favorite products in the store... such as Whiskas crunch cat treats, poultry in jelly and fish in jelly.

whiskas poultry in jelly

Or his favorite cat litter.

natural cat litter super absorbent
stay fresh super absorbent cat litter

Of course, he tested all the cat beds on sale to make sure you'll pick the best option for your pet.

cat beds on sale
luxury lined and knitted dog jacket

Sheldon Lee greets every customer that walks in the door.

The majority of the B&M customers love him so much they buy him his favorite food every time they go in the shop. The local children always ask to go and visit him.

By the end of the day, Sheldon Lee's human has to pick him up at the store, otherwise, he wouldn't leave after finishing his shift. He'd stay there 24/7 and do security if he could.

Source: Daily Echo

tuxedo cats black and white cats southampton england
daily echo

Cat from Vicenza {Italy}

cat in stationary store vicenza italy

This cat is famous in Italy!

Meet Leo, the feline manager of the Oliveti stationary shop in Vicenza.

“The story of Leo is one that I really love,” says photographer Marianna Zampieri. “The cat was free, but he decided to stay at Oliveti and love his owner from the day he appeared at the shop.”

stationary shop cat
oliveti italy
vicenza stationary shop

Leo is a gorgeous stationary shop manager and he knows how to charm the customers to a point where they come back regularly, just for him.

He greets all customers by rubbing against their legs. Those that give him scratches behind his ears are treated to extra cuddles.

scratch cat behind ears

When Leo has worked enough for the day, he hides among the collectors or curls up in his cat bed.

cat sleeps in cat bed
cat hiding pictures
cat in shop italy

Leo is one of the many working cats Marianna Zampieri photographed. Her previous photo series are Cats of the Classence Library in Ravenna, Italy and The Feline PR Manager of a Barber Shop in Vicenza, Italy.

Check out Marianna Zampieri's website for more cat pictures.

leo cat
stationary shop vicenza
stationary cat

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