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Cats from Ravenna {Italy}

ravenna library

This is the second installment in a series of photos by Marianna Zampieri called C-AT WORK, featuring cats in the workplace. You can see part one here.

For C-AT WORK, photographer Marianna Zampieri went to Ravenna, to visit a true gem of Italian culture: the Classence Library. This extraordinary facility houses more than one million books from all eras and... three great cats.

classence library

The employees of the Classence Library found the cats right after they were born. They weaned them and gave the cats a permanent home in the library.

classence library cats
library cats italy

The black kitty is Obama. He's very approachable and deals with people who need company in the reading room.

obama cat
obama library cat
cat obama
obama the cat

Then there's Byron. This black and white cat is a little reserved. He prefers to hide in the archives. He has a disarming sweetness and is attached to the people who take care of him.

byron cat
byron library cat
byron library
byron the cat

Finally, there's Teresa, a true diva. “She showed me the most beautiful places in the building and posed like a true model,” Marianna Zampieri says.

cat teresa
teresa cat
library ravenna
library italy

cats classence library ravenna italy
library cats


  1. What a beautiful place for cats to hang out. I wonder if any refers to the black cat as the president of the cats?

  2. Beautiful! We believe all library should have cats. Books and cats just seem to go together so well!

  3. I love that cats are given homes in places of work. Awesome.

  4. itz veree nice two meet everee one !!!! wavez frum de land oh kewl iz thiz !!! we haz sum palz that werk ina library... kinda sorta all most cloze.... ta uz two !!! N joy yur week; thanx for sharin yur storee ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  5. Amazing pictures of incredible felines! We love how their personalities shine through in the pictures.

  6. AWwww ! I love this Italian kitties. They are so adorable !

  7. This is one cool place. How I'd love to visit there for real! Our hats off to the Italian people for having cats in hte work place.

  8. That is so cool that they allow them in there!

  9. Cats and books! 2 of my fave things! Wonderful photos on your blog.

  10. Aww what fun to have kitties roaming through the library to visit hold and pet!! thank you for sharing on the Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week!! Purrs and Hugs!

  11. Aww! aren't they cute nice photos :-)

  12. Beautiful cats and beautiful library!

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  14. How sweet! Love they gave the cats a home there. I think I might visit all the time just to get a few snuggles while taking in a good book.

  15. Hello, these kitties have a beautiful home. They are all pretty cats, cute photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. Always creative cat photos here ~ thanks ~ love them all ~ the first one looks like a 'tough one' ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  17. Visiting form Eileen. What a fun blog! I've visited Italy a few times and know they have many many cats there--happy to see these well loved library cats!

  18. Lovely photos! Thank you sharing them on Impulsive Artistry: Feeling Inspired Linkup!

  19. I love these pictures, cats are just the best