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Cats from Paris {France}

paris café des chats

When I was in Paris earlier this month, I had the chance to test out its two cat cafés: Le Chat Mallows (which you can read about here) and Le Café des Chats.

Le Café des Chats

Whereas Le Chat Mallows is decorated with bright colors and is totally cat-obsessed, Le Café des Chats goes for a more moderate approach with warm shades and few cat-themed decorations. In fact, Le Café des Chats looks very much like a normal café, except that you have a dozen cats roaming the premises. You can easily take your cat-hating friends here and they wouldn't mind.

paris le café des chats
le café des chats rue sedaine

The cats

All the cats were adopted at cat shelters and have been given a second chance at the cat café. Le Café des Chats is now their permanent home. They stay here day and night.

Unfortunately, though the cats were chosen based on their sociable behavior towards humans and other animals, it was obvious some of them were unhappy.

The problem is the staff was too busy serving the many customers rather than making sure the cats were well treated. This resulted in the cats being picked up against their will, poked in the face with toys, and chased by children.

While the cats can go downstairs to the “cats only” area, it was obvious that some of them just wanted to be left alone in “their” home instead of having to hide. The white and ginger kitty tried to get away from the children at all cost, but his attempts were in vain. If he were up for adoption, I would have probably taken him home.

plus beau chat de paris
chat blanc et roux paris

The food

The food portions are ginormous and the prices normal. This makes Le Café des Chats a better place to have brunch or dinner than Le Chat Mallows. On the other hand, because Le Café des Chats is so crowded and much bigger, you'll have less direct contact with the cats.

Good to know is that part of the revenue of Le Café des Chats goes to animal welfare organizations.

café des chats paris
café des chats rue sedaine

Practical information:

Address: 9, rue Sedaine, 11ième arrondissement, Paris.

Nearest metro station: Bastille or Bréguet-Sabin

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 10:30 pm (Fridays and Saturdays until 11 pm).

Reserving a spot isn't necessary, but on busy days you can have long queues outside of the café.

paris le café des chats bastille
le café des chats bastille
bar chats


  1. waves two ewe all frum uz heer in TT !!!! we hope everee one can find ther happee ther ~~~~~~ we send de best oh fishez two each N everee one ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. What nice cafes. Here in the USA kitties are not allowed to be in the same area where people are drinking and eating. We don't think that's fair!

  3. I'm glad the cats were saved and that they donate to savings cats but I feel bad that parents don't watch their children more and have them respect the animal. I would want to set them straight.

  4. Dit is zooo leuk en ze zien er allemaal zo lief uit. Heerlijk om te zien :) Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

  5. I like seeing animals around but that's about as far as I'll go. I'm happy if they keep to themselves with my allergies. I always marvel at businesses who keep pets on premise and maintaining the restaurant to meet proper inspection codes. I'm afraid the animals would cause a lot of problems in that area and I'm a little hesitant to eating in any public place where animals can roam freely. The home is one thing but a business is another. However putting this all aside, you did get some great photos and these sorts of places to make for interesting backdrops. Thanks for sharing and have a happy #WW! ;) PS: please feel free to come by to link up.

  6. Such amazing cats, I love all the stairs they can use to get above the crowd! Thanks for sharing on #OMHGWW this week!
    Happy Wednesday! :)

  7. I'm SOOOOOOO jealous! And Bear's jealous of those walkways!

  8. Awww! It's too bad the one was being harassed but in general sounds like a great place!

  9. It does look like the place is too busy for the cats. Kids should be taught to treat all animals with respect. I'm glad the cats can at least sleep high above the humans or escape completely if need be. I love the one photo of the cat sleeping on the back of the big chair that the girl is sitting and reading in. Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

  10. Cats - so cute! Thank you for linking up at Impulsive Artistry's Monday Feeling Inspired!

  11. They are gorgeous cats! It's too bad the kids don't leave them alone!

  12. It's wonderful that all these cats have a good home. Maybe a good hiss & swat would help teach the feral children how to behave properly around animals. :-)

  13. Hello, I like these cat cafe. I do feel sorry for the kitties being chased and poked. Kids should be taught how to treat not only people but animals with respect. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

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