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Cats from Paris {France}

paris café des chats

When I was in Paris earlier this month, I had the chance to test out its two cat cafés: Le Chat Mallows (which you can read about here) and Le Café des Chats.

Le Café des Chats

Whereas Le Chat Mallows is decorated with bright colors and is totally cat-obsessed, Le Café des Chats goes for a more moderate approach with warm shades and few cat-themed decorations. In fact, Le Café des Chats looks very much like a normal café, except that you have a dozen cats roaming the premises. You can easily take your cat-hating friends here and they wouldn't mind.

paris le café des chats
le café des chats rue sedaine

The cats

All the cats were adopted at cat shelters and have been given a second chance at the cat café. Le Café des Chats is now their permanent home. They stay here day and night.

Unfortunately, though the cats were chosen based on their sociable behavior towards humans and other animals, it was obvious some of them were unhappy.

The problem is the staff was too busy serving the many customers rather than making sure the cats were well treated. This resulted in the cats being picked up against their will, poked in the face with toys, and chased by children.

While the cats can go downstairs to the “cats only” area, it was obvious that some of them just wanted to be left alone in “their” home instead of having to hide. The white and ginger kitty tried to get away from the children at all cost, but his attempts were in vain. If he were up for adoption, I would have probably taken him home.

plus beau chat de paris
chat blanc et roux paris

The food

The food portions are ginormous and the prices normal. This makes Le Café des Chats a better place to have brunch or dinner than Le Chat Mallows. On the other hand, because Le Café des Chats is so crowded and much bigger, you'll have less direct contact with the cats.

Good to know is that part of the revenue of Le Café des Chats goes to animal welfare organizations.

café des chats paris
café des chats rue sedaine

Practical information:

Address: 9, rue Sedaine, 11ième arrondissement, Paris.

Nearest metro station: Bastille or Bréguet-Sabin

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 10:30 pm (Fridays and Saturdays until 11 pm).

Reserving a spot isn't necessary, but on busy days you can have long queues outside of the café.

paris le café des chats bastille
le café des chats bastille
bar chats

Cats from Paris {France}

le chat mallows paris

“It's not just coffee; it's an immersion.”

When you visit the cat café Le Chat Mallows in Paris, you've entered the world of cats.

This place (named after the sweets Chamallows) is full to the brim with cat homes, luxury cat beds, cat art, cat cushions, and, of course, real cats - 17 cats, to be exact.

cat café in paris
paris cat café
bar à chats à paris

It's a motley crew of breeds: British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Sphynx, Oriental, Ragdoll, European, British Longhair. Some were bought, some were adopted. The sphynx cat Yoda once belonged to a foreigner who wanted Le Chat Mallows to adopt his cat when he left Paris.

yoda sphynx cat

My favorites were Jerico and Jade.

british shorthair paris
british shorthair france
le chat mallows

The menu cover of Le Chat Mallows states: “Un lieu dédié au chats, où vous n'êtes que l'invité!” (A place dedicated to cats where you are only a guest!)

There's no better way to describe Le Chat Mallows.

Cats are treated like royalty here. Their wellbeing comes before that of the customers. Rules are therefore important: disinfect your hands before entering the café, don't pick up the cats, don't wake them while they sleep, make sure your children don't bother them, etc.

bar à chat le chat mallows paris
le chat mallows
le chat mallows cat café paris

The staff of Le Chat Mallows consists of veterinary assistants and cat specialists so they can easily deal with the cats' medication, the clipping of the claws, etc. They are continually fawning over the cats.

This may come across as silly to some, but it's obvious that the cats here are so much happier than at Le café des chats where the well-being of customers is put before that of the cats.

british longhair paris
cat wisdom
paris café with cats

However, Le Chat Mallows has two main problems.

The first problem is the food. The portions are extremely small and the taste uninspired (my friend and I tried the Tête de Chat, which are head-shaped tortillas with salad).

They do have some cute specialties in the drinks department, though, such as Dream of Cats (strawberry-flavored milk with cotton candy, Chantilly, almonds, and marshmallows) and Choco Sangria (hot chocolate-flavored sangria, cinnamon, and Chantilly).

The second problem is the price of everything. You pay $7,80 for a simple cup of hot cocoa and $9,80 for flavored milk.

paris bar à chats

Nevertheless, Le Chat Mallows truly is a café unlike any other. It's not a cat café where you just go to have a drink; it's one that you have to experience.

paris cat café le chat mallows
bar à chats paris rue des volontaires
paris best cat café
chats paris

Practical information:

Address: 30, rue des Volontaires, 15ième arrondissement, Paris

Closest metro station: Volontaires

Le Chat Mallows is open between Wednesday and Sunday between 12 pm and 9 pm.

Reservation is obligatory.

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le chat mallows cat café in paris

Cats from Paris {France}

paris oisellerie du pont neuf

When you walk along the right bank of the river Seine in Paris, you'll come across the pet store Oisellerie du Pont Neuf. At first sight, Oisellerie du Pont Neuf looks like a “normal” pet store. You can buy all sorts of pet supplies, as well as puppies, cats, birds, fish, etc. However, the four main employees are... cats.

Carlita is the feline employee in charge of the first cash register.

animalerie du pont neuf paris

Raoul watches over the second cash register.

oisellerie du pont neuf paris

Sarco was “hired” to test the comfort level of the cat houses and beds.

oisellerie du pont neuf
animalerie paris

And, Frimousse, makes sure no one steals any fish.

pet supply store paris
paris animaleries pont neuf

The first feline employees arrived at Oisellerie du Pont Neuf about eight years ago. Then came the younger ones. The pet supply store is their home now, though the cats sometimes go out to have a leisurely stroll along the Seine.

pet store paris

Practical info:

Oisellerie du Pont Neuf is situated on 18 Quai de la Mégisserie in Paris. The nearest metro station is Pont Neuf.

The shop is open every day between 10 am and 7 pm (Sundays included).

oisellerie du pont neuf seine

Quai de la Mégisserie