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Cats from Deià {Mallorca}

deia mallorca

There are several good reasons to visit Deià on Mallorca. Most people do so for the hiking trails, the house of author Robert Graves, the fish restaurant Ca's Patro March (which featured as a filming location for the TV show The Night Manager), and for the cuteness of the village itself.

But the main reason I wanted to visit Deià was to see the cats. Ever since Traveling Cats reader Claudia Mannes sent in pictures of the cats of Deià in 2015, this village on Mallorca has been on my list of places to visit.

At first, my search for these famous felines turned out fruitless. I instantly found the house where they live (in front of Hotel La Residencia), but the cats weren't there. Even during a walk in the village, I didn't meet a single cat. Just when I was starting to feel disillusioned and wanted to take the bus back to Port de Soller, I spotted two kitties sunbathing in the alley above their house.

And, oh my cat, they were the sweetest. These cats did not disappoint.


The tuxedo cat was a joy to photograph, mostly because I only needed to tap my hands on the place where I wanted him to sit so I could take his picture with the Tramuntana mountains in the background.

deia best views

It doesn't look like it, but the beige cat was a bit of a challenge to capture on film as he was continually moving around to ask for cuddles (which was hard to resist because he was so handsome and soft). He was incredibly skilled in showing off his best angle, though.

cat photography
cat posing
cat ears
cat paw

I spent an hour and a half in the company of these famous cats. Just when I was leaving again to catch my next bus, I noticed a third cat. She was enjoying a meal right in front of her house, and when her belly was full, she walked off for a stroll through the village.

joanna ceramics deia

Would you visit Deià to see the cats?

tramuntana deia

christmas cat book

Cats from Sóller {Mallorca}

port de soller restaurant

“Friendly seafront restaurant complete with cats!” wrote a happy customer about So Caprichos on TripAdvisor.

"Nice food, shame about the cats," wrote an unhappy one.

For us cat lovers, that means we must pay So Caprichos in Port de Sóller a visit, especially because the locals recommend the food as well.

so caprichos port de soller

The outdoor dining area was beaming with cats, all of which were super sociable.

“The cats don't belong to the restaurant, but they love hanging out here,” one of the locals told Traveling Cats.

“The two long-haired black kitties are mom and daughter. The mom's name is Irma. She's the boss here.”

puerto soller
so caprichos soller

“The noisy kitty down the stairs is the crazy one because she fights with every cat in the area.”

crazy cat
kingfisher restaurant

“Tigre is the oldest cat in the neighborhood. He's missing several teeth, but he's super adorable,” the woman said.

 Sometimes, you can also find Tigre sleeping on a chair on the terrace of the nearby restaurant Kingfisher.

tigre gato
restaurant cats
cats mallorca

"My daughter adores the Tuxedo cat and calls him 'the visitor'," a tourist tells Traveling Cats, "because each time we are in Sóller, this cat visits us."

soller puerto de soller
tuxedo cat cute

When an older man passed the restaurant, all the cats followed him up the alley. He was probably their can opener.

kingfisher soller

P.S. If you don't find the cats near So Caprichos, it means they are napping next to their homes in the Carrer de Santa Apollonia.

Address: So Caprichos, Sant Ramon de Penyafort 15, Port de Sóller, Mallorca.

By the way, did you know that two real adventure cats live next to So Caprichos? The names of these two Persian rescue cats are Gizmo and Bacardi. They love to take the plane, and they follow their human, Jeannine, on all her travels. Only bad news: they're indoor cats so you won't be able to meet them. I wish I could show you better pictures, but they didn't want to be photographed, especially Bacardi.

gizmo the cat
cat doesn't want to be photographed

Would you visit Port de Sóller and the restaurant So Caprichos to see these cats?

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Cats from Sitges {Spain}

port sitges

As you will see from these pictures, the cats that live near the port of Sitges are timid. Although a handful of locals feeds them every day, they prefer to hide when tourists are around.

Some of these cats will be strolling along the normal pathways that lead toward the port, though they will run away and hide whenever someone approaches.

port cats
sitges port
sitges port
sitges port
sitges port

If the cats are hiding, look down, into the plants and dried grass that line the pathways. You'll immediately know you're on the right track if you see handmade cat houses, scratching posts, and feeding bowls.

feral kittens
sitges puerto
feral cats
puerto sitges
sitges port

The little sweetie below was very anxious and ran away whenever someone was passing the alley where she was hanging out. After a few minutes, she realized she could trust me and offered a multitude of leg brushes and headbutts.

sitges port
sitges port
sitges port

Once you know where to look, you'll see dozens upon dozens of cats near the port of Sitges. Most of them will be in plain sight, but some will be sleeping in the shade, half hidden by the bushes.

sitges port

sitges book

Cat from Sitges {Spain}

sitges san sebastià cemetery

Situated opposite the beach, the small but gorgeous San Sebastià Cemetery in Sitges, Spain, is known for its 19th century funerary art, created by known sculptors such as Josep Llimona, Enric Sagnier, Pere Jou, and Manel Fluxà. Unlike many other cemeteries – like the ones of Buenos AiresMontmartre, and Yanaka – the San Sebastià Cemetery, is home to only one cat.

sitges cementerio

"I just came out of the screening of Jupiter's Moon at the Sitges Film Festival and wanted to photograph the morning light in the cemetery when this cat approached me," Vanity Celis told Traveling Cats. "I was sitting on a bench, looking at the gravestones, when she turned the left corner and came walking in my direction. She was far from anxious, just curious. I lured her with little sounds, and she meowed back at me."

sitges san sebastià
catalonia cemetery

“She rolled around on the ground in the proximity of the bench before coming over for head butts. She was much softer than I expected because, from a distance, her coat looked quite rough," Vanity Celis told Traveling Cats. "I was alone at the cemetery that day, which was probably the reason why the cat felt safe enough to come looking for attention. I also visited the San Sebastià cemetery the day before, but it was much busier then."

sitges cemetery
cemetery catalonia

Cat pictures by Vanity Celis

turkish van cats europe

Cats from Paris {France}

cimetière montmartre

Hundreds of cats hang out in the huge Montmartre Cemetery where they prowl among the graves and sit on the headstones of famous former Parisians.

“These cats are always hiding and tend to be très timide (very timid), so often I had to tempt them with my feather teaser and handfuls of cat treats,” says photographer Rachael McKenna in her book The French Cat. “It's amazing how a couple of green feathers tied to a stick are irresistible to even the coyest cats. What I do is wiggle the teaser and a trickle of treats to lure her or him into position. Usually, the cat would follow me down the road to a setting I'd chosen and then, hopefully, click!”

paris famous cemetery

The cats of the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, France, are well looked after. Every day around noon, a man (Saujot, a true cat lover) arrives at the cemetery hauling thirty kilograms of cat food on a little trolley. He walks six kilometers from home and pays for the food himself out of donations from cat lovers. Meanwhile, the cats, most of them tabbies or pure blacks, are sleek and well fed. Every day they appear from their hiding places behind the tombstones to gobble up their rations. 

montmartre cimetière

Goodness knows who the gendarmes fine if the strays of Montmartre decide to scale the high wall around the cemetery and go rat hunting through the back alleys of Pigalle and the Marais during the midnight hours.

montmarte photos
montmartre photo

Source: The French Cat by Rachael McKenna

cemetery montmartre

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