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Cat from Dinant {Belgium}

beggar dog cat

Christmas is all about giving, and more often than not those who give the most are the poorest of all.

In the Belgian city of Dinant, at the entrance of the Church of Our Lady (Collegiale Notre-Dame), you will find two beggars, Ivo and Yan, and their pets, Kenzo the dog and Tchoutchou the cat. They were the perfect representation of that Christmas spirit.

dinant collegiale notre-dame

"We are so very grateful for our pets," Kenzo's owner said. "We'd do anything for them. First, we think about their wellbeing, and only then do we eat."

dinant church of our lady

Kenzo the dog was the one who set the right example. "Six months ago, Kenzo found a three-week-old kitten in the bushes. He refused to leave it behind. We had no choice but to bring the kitten along and to bottle feed it until he was grown enough."

beggar dog
dog beggar

The cat and dog truly taught those two beggars the spirit of Christmas.

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Cat from Brussels {Belgium}

café au soleil brussels


In the Brussels' café Au Soleil, the PR manager is a good-looking feline: Jean-Claude.

best cafés in brussels

Jean-Claude (who's actually female) is taking her job seriously. While Au Soleil is popular among locals, tourists mainly go there because Jean-Claude is extremely skillful at luring them in.

Her technique: lying on her back behind the window and exposing her belly while baking in the sun. Within seconds, tourists and passers-by are charmed.

“Tourists take more pictures of Jean-Claude than of our famous Manneken Pis,” the bartender says. "They always end up entering to share a drink with their new favorite feline."

cat jean-claude café au soleil brussels
brussels café au soleil

Jean-Claude loves the visitors of Au Soleil. She sleeps next to them and is not too shy to ask for cuddles. “She's been living at the café for over ten years, so she's used to the noisy crowds,” the bartender says. “She originally belonged to the café's previous owner, but when he sold Au Soleil to someone new, Jean-Claude was part of the package.”

Jean-Claude is almost always present at the café, except in the evenings, because then she's making her rounds. Each day, she visits the neighboring shops, so everyone knows her. If she "forgets" to visit, the shopkeeper goes to Au Soleil to ask if everything's fine with her.

Regular visitors, too, are disappointed when their favorite feline isn't around. Some of them go there specifically for Jean-Claude and bring along food and cat treats.

Now she's waiting for you to bring her a Christmas present.

best café brussels

Practical information:

Au Soleil is situated in the center of Brussels, at walking distance from many famous attractions such as the Grand-Place, the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, and Manneken Pis.

Address: Rue du Marché au Charbon 86, 1000 Brussels.